How I Could Grow As A Public Speaker

Improving elements of speech

I think I can improve my speech by stop stuttering. I stuttered at parts that are important to leave a strong impression to the audience, such as the conclusion. I have great ideas, energy and gesture, in order to catch the audiences attention and keep them entertained. But by stuttering, I think it makes the audience worry about me or stop listening to me.


Public speaking opportunities

I think in my life, I have many opportunities in which I speak in front of many people. Such as presentation in companies, or maybe even little speech in my friends wedding. As a student, I also do presentations to the teacher to tell them how much I have learned about the unit. Public speaking happens all the time, and I think people needs to have enough skills, and learn how to public speak. In other words, public speaking is a skill that all of us has to learn, because happens all the time.


Drama Speech

In drama class we learned important skills, techniques and strategies, to become a better speaker. We learned the structure for making the speech, how to make eye contacts so with the audience and how to use gestures and etc. After we learned these techniques, we made our own persuasive speech. In this blog post I would want to discuss how my speech went, how I could use persuasive speech in the future, and what I learned during this unit.

How I felt about my speech

Overall I think my speech was not excellent but still successful. This is because I had some pros and cons with my speech, but I had better areas of strength in contrast of weakness. My strength was that I had a really good body movement in terms of how I stand and my gestures, and my their was a lot of energy in my speech. First of all, I was walking around the room to make eye contact with many people. By doing this, I was able to not awkwardly stare at the camera, thus allowing me to be more comfortable doing my speech. On top of that, this allowed me to make it easier for people to listen to my speech and become involved in it. Another good body movement I did was gestures. I used about four gestures throughout the speech. For example, when I said “in addition,” I put one of my fingers up to catch the audiences attention. Another example is when I said “take it out of our pocket”, I actually put my hands into the pocket, to better imagine the action. Thirdly, I also had a lot of energy throughout the speech, but mostly the beginning. This is showed when I had a strong voice, and I looked confident. Oh tho I was nervous a lot of the times, I was able to overcome it. By having more energy, I think the audience are hooked into the story especially in the beginning, and leave strong impression at the end of the speech. I did many excellent things during the speech like body movements, but their were also some weaknesses as well. For example, my biggest disadvantage was that I stuttered few times in the speech. Because of this, I think it made it harder for the audience to listen to some of my words, and made it harder for them to relax because I was stuttering.

How I could use persuasive speech in the future

I think persuasive speech and speech in general is a massively important skill in life. Here are the reasons why. First of all, we have to use it when we have job interviews. Companies are looking for people who are interested in the job, and have skills to do the job. Oh tho you might be very skilled, if you can not show that you have interested in the job throughout the job interview, they will not hire you. Secondly, when you are showing your ideas to people our companies, you will have to do a speech. If you do not practice like us throughout middle school and university, I do not think it is easy to speak in front of everyone successfully.

What I learned during this unit.

During this unit, I learned that speech is a very successful way of delivering message to someone, and I also learned many techniques to successfully do that. I learned that speech is a very successful way of delivering message to someone, when I saw a video of a person who works in NASA deliver speech. He was honestly stuttering a lot, but he was full of energy and passion, I was amazed and that struck my heart. I never knew that speech can change our emotion, but during this unit, I was able to figure that out. Most importantly, I learned from my teacher many techniques when doing speeches. Such as not looking at one person, talking loudly, making right posture and etc. By keeping this knowledge throughout my whole life, I think I will be a successful speaker.




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