James Unit 3 Reflection



Learning style


At the beginning of last semester, I thought I was a visual learner. Because of this I would never write something or say something to learn vocabularies and grammars. But this semester, I learned that I was more of a learner that learns better when writing it. Therefor, I decided to write vocabularies many times in order to remember it and so far it works.


Three New Understandings

Preterite- Past tense and future tense.

New Vocabularies and sentence structure learned from this unit. Example: Direct object pronoun.

Different words for transitions and frequency.



How much should we study idealy?


Goals for the future

I think my grammar is terrible so I think I should improve that. For example the preterit, in which

I did not do so well in the test. I think I understand these vocabularies and grammars but don’t know make many small mistakes in tests that is lowering my grade. I want to get better grades, so I will try to study at least 10 minutes- 15 minutes every two days.


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