Drama Reflection


  1. I think I incorporate skills and techniques learned from both of the teachers. Phillipe helped me create this unique kind of royal, ladylike and a bit bossy character. This was great, as my character contrasted all the other characters in terms of personality and look. This is important as having similar characters makes it harder for the audience to identify who is who. Furthermore, when having different varieties of characters, I think gaps in personality are created in between characters. These gaps are very funny for the audience.  Furthermore, I also chose a hat that matches my personality. This means that I was able to incorporate almost all the things I learned in classes.
  2. Rene helped us create our routine, constantly giving us feedback in order to make it humorous. He made our routine more concise, simple and snappy, to keep the audiences on their toes and making them laugh. An example of this is when Chloe and I are having a conflict about getting in the same car. First we had a whole dialogue of conflicts which was really boring. However, by making it more concise by saying “Why are you here” repedetely, it made it funnier for the audience.
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