Humanities-Memory Vocabularies

5 Vocabularies


Chemicals that allow the transmission of these signals


Long term memory


Continuously do something

Synaptic Connections

Connection between neurons

Cognitive Loss 

Decrease memory and thinking abilities

Our brain is like an email. The first time you send an email, the conversation you have is not smooth. However after doing it over and over, the dialogue becomes very fluent and the connection becomes stronger. Like this, our brain works similarly because our brain creates memory through neurons. Each Neuron communicate to each other through synaptic connection, in which neurons pass a signal from neuron-to-neuron through neurotransmitters. By “firing” these neurons through recalling the experiences, it strengthens the connection between neurons. The persistent connection of these neurons is called long-term potentiation. On the other hand, overall loss of bonding between neurons result in cognitive loss. This causes decrease in memory, thinking abilities and other basic functions of the brain.


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