Expedition Reflection


1. What did you learn

The two main concept that we had to keep mind during the Niigata expedition was self reliance and relations. The two concepts was achieved by being resilience while hiking and the interaction I had with my peers throughout the trip. It was necessary to be self reliant when packing our items for hiking as it is your responsibility on what we have. In addition, we had to take responsibility for all the food we had to carry as an individual, so that we can eat a complete lunch that everyone brought. For relationships, we talked about how relationship is not only with people but also with nature and our surroundings.

The concept that I reflected during the Nigata trip was my relationship with nature. In the trip, we hiked for two days with lots of excitement, fun and joy. It was a challenging course, yet with resilience and small build up of small steps, our group moved was able to complete the course. During the countless hours of hiking, I felt a clear connection with nature.  The smell of trees, slippery mud ground and chirping birds. I came to a realisation taht these experiences are difficult to achieve in the civil society we live in,  surrounded by tall buildings and artificial sound of the city.


2. What did you get out of this experience

Outside of the concepts that grade 9 was focusing on, I think I was able to be a risk taker by expanding my comfort zone. I was able to achieve this by accepting opportunities our team leaders gave us, such as waking up at 5am to go see the sunset and going through different routes during rock climbing.

3. How does it connect with things you already knew (about the wilderness or anything else)?
Last summer holiday, I went to an camp in Indonesia that works on social and educational skills. The concept of comfort zone was a good connection as I worked on it on that camp as well.

4. What does it make you want to know more about, or how to do? How did you feel while on your expedition?

Connecting with nature and taking a break from technology was surprisingly refreshing, as I was able to appreciate the beautiful nature that was surrounding me. This experience motivated me to participate to do more hiking and outdoor activities.

5. What risks did you take and how did it feel to take them?

All though I did not take risk while hiking as the main purpose was to reduce risk of falling, when we tried rock climbing I pushed my self until my arms were too tired to carry my own weight.

6. If this expedition were a metaphor for something else in your life, what would it be? What did you learn from being on this expedition that you think might be useful in some other context?

Life is an open door. Learning how outdoor activities are fun allowed to fuel my interest on doing more of these things.

7. How has your experience of the wilderness changed from your experience on the expedition last year? You can add or change questions if you feel it is appropriate. However, if you were to answer these using examples from your expedition as evidence to support your statements, it should be more than enough! You can see the reflection guidelines below.

I feel like this year was more adventurous and was successful at pushing my self and also make me appreciate nature in a fun way.




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