G10 Expedition Reflection(Wilderness Engagement)


During the Okinawa expedition, the highlight of the trip was diving in a beautiful area of Japan. We also spent a day in an island called Taketomijima, connecting with nature and experiencing the culture there.  The main takeaway from this trip was that I was able to further my appreciation towards nature, and the understanding that there are countless ways to interact with it.

Although I was familiar with out door actives like hiking, canoeing and skiing, diving was a totally new experience, submerging underwater . We went down to around 5-10 meters, observing coral reefs, fish and countless marine lives. Even outside of the dive, on Taketomijima, we   I was fascinated by the innovation of the diving gear and how people able to equip themselves to be resilient underwater; Regulator, buoyancy compensator and so on.  I learned that by gathering  equipments and acquiring the skills required to utilize these, I am able to interact with nature in variety of forms.

One thing that still remains in the back of my mind, are signs that residents on the island placed, going against the new resort hotel that is planned to be built on the island. I think residents on the island appreciates the precious nature that resides here, wanting to protect it and keep it as it is. Personally, I thought the island was  fascinating with a whole array of beaches, grass branches and trees. As of this, I totally agree with protecting this atmosphere and not letting large companies overthrow it.





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