Investigate Reflection

In our first unit of technology (about one and a half month), we needed to investigate (looking at other people’s blog and telling what’s the advantages), plan (or brainstorm) our own blog. We learned about wordpress. WordPress was about sharing things about the blogs and skills and advantages.

I wanted to make my blog about myself like what my passion is and what I like to do to show that I am myself. So I looked at other blogs and they were writing about almost everything about themselves (but they didn’t write private stuff so I knew to never write private things). So I tried to use that technic of just posting things about my favorites and representing myself. So I uploaded pictures about my favorite sports.

During the blog search we needed to find the good parts in that blog. I found out that having a search bar, widgets and lots of other technics were a good part of a blog. I also learned that themes, colors, and organization is very important. I decided the most important things were a search bar because the viewer can find the post they want to see, a link to other blogs so the linked place might link my blog which makes more views, and contrast so the viewer can see well and get attracted. I learned all the good skills in blogs by getting little ideas from lots of other blogs. I learned that you need to know the difference between good comments to accept and bad comments not to.

I knew that you needed to attract the viewer so I decided that I needed fancy and cool writing that’s easy to read, awesome colors like outstanding ones, good themes, and a easy search place. The colors and themes and those outstanding things make the reader what is this blog trying to talk about? So they check details and they will view more stuff which is great for you. I also personally think that most people kind of judge blogs by pictures and backgrounds (or you can say the fashion). So I thought I needed to make my own blog in the bright side to make the reader attract and get cached. So I knew that I need good pictures and bright colors for contrast. I put the search bar too to make the viewer easy to look at. I will try to put other people’s blog by link, but I first need to look at other blogs so I can find what’s related and try to get more viewer on my blog.

So I will use lots of technics and make a better blog and make it outstanding so the reader will like it, then share it to someone, then there will be lots of viewers and that is what the blog wants so I will try to use lots of fancy themes. The search bar might effect my views too because the viewer might think the blog is hard to see and hard to find. So I will try to use at least three of the most important skills in my blog so that I can get more views (I think of the important things personally). I will try to set google calendar to remind me of putting a new blog post every week.