Mini Fraction Tutorial!! May be hard but… Who cares

Hello humans and gentlemen’s… Just kidding mens are part of human’s. SO…. What is a fraction? Guys? Do you know? Answer?


If you know no point explaining but if you don’t, I will briefly explain what a fraction is. Look at a image below. Pretend I cut a square cheese in half. It would become a half. So it is a proper fraction and it’s one half. The top number is called the numerator and the bottom number is called the denominator.


Next I shall teach you another proper fraction. Let’s say that I took a piece of bar chocolate. There was 16 squares and I ate 6 and left the rest for my brothers. Then that means I at 6/16 which is 3/8 chocolate and left 10/16 which is 5/8 pieces.


November 29, 2013

Next this is a wrong one. Let’s say that I had 3 chocolate bars that has 16 squares and 2 chocolate bars that has 10 squares. Then this makes it  a improper fraction. Since the size is different  it is improper.


To not make it a improper fraction, you need to make the size same no matter how it tastes or smells or looks different.


So we learned what is a proper, improper fraction and what is basically a fraction.


I hope you learned from me and subscribe please.



Plan Reflection

In the few weeks, we drew 3 drawings what you want your blog to look like. That was the goal for us to make our blog the most alike. After drawing, we had to chose one picture out of the three drawings. On the back of the best drawing, we needed to write why the drawing represents us.


When I was drawing my future blog, I realized that our blog needed to have a lot of different colors. I also thought that the theme needed to have lots of unique different widgets and menus, designs. First, we planned what our blog would want to look like so we made a thing called a blog becoming a flower. This was where you needed to write about what your goal is to do at the beginning making a blog, the middle, and the end.


This is how it looked like:


We used this thing to make our goal and we wanted to achieve the goal you set. This was our main gaol and we wanted our blog to become all of the points we wrote in the picture.


The next photo is about our drawings. This was not easy because we needed to use a few colors and we also had to put a lot of details. We drew this to get a idea of how our blog wanted to be so in real, we planned our blog. We started to get close, but we need more details and menus and etc. to make a great blog.




Overall, we made a plan and tried to get closer to the idea. We wanted our blog to get good reviews, comments, and thoughts. If we want that to happen, we need to use different skills in the blog. We planned our idea and we are trying to make that idea happen.