Create Plan Reflection

Hi guys and I’m back!


In our classes of technology, we have been completing the first step of our blog. It took a couple of weeks but we managed to put lots of different and interesting widgets and menu’s. We made a page about ourselves and navigated in our menu bar. The page is about me and talks about my passions and information (so check it out). We made primary menu’s so other people can see the menu of our school and the about me page. When we looked at widgets, we found other blogs with awesome widgets so I decide to use those cool widgets. We also learned how to put the header image and background image. In the header image, we learned to photoshop but I didn’t do that because I didn’t like the design a lot.

I really liked the stage where we added widgets because it was really fun and cool. The favorite thing I like in my blog is the widgets. My favorite widget is the monkey. I think that widgets are really important because it sometimes keeps attraction to the reader because the widgets are interesting. The widgets has to be colorful at the same time and creative. The widgets can include apps and fun activities to make the reader have a break and settle down. I think another good thing about my blog is that it is not squished up and disorganized but it is quite organized. This makes the reader comfortable to read articles. I also like the menu’s because it is very useful to find articles and we can separate articles easily into different categories.

This is my favorite widget:

I am really proud of my blog theme. I can’t manage to make pictures to show the article but I like the way I put categories on one-side and the menu’s on the top and some on the right. I think my theme is fashioned because it is kind of old-fashioned. I like the way how the theme is clear and easy to see. In addition, I really like how I divided different things like the recent comments and recent posts.


The best activity was completing your widgets. It was awesome to make widgets. And in overall I think that I am really proud of my blog but think that I need a little bit more of help on different things. I think that it is not easy to make your blog perfect at once but I think it will happen when you try a little of a time. I will try to perfect my blog step by step.