My Favorite Tutorial

Hi. This week, we made a tutorial research by watching tutorial research and explained what was good and what was bad. We reviewed on the video’s and we will make a tutorial.

This video is about prank traps. This explains how to revenge your victim. This video is really unique because the guy thought about a fabulous idea of how to recycle a bottle in a very evil, but fun way. While I was watching the tutorial, I thought of how creative the guy was and how simple his trick was.

There was awesome things. First of all, the voice was really clear and easy to understand. This is good because this made the viewer not annoyed because of the video sound. For example, sometimes, there is a high pitch sound that is annoying and distracting. Secondly, the clip was really good and the camera was held in one place so it wasn’t wobbly. This was really good because if the camera is steady, the viewer will be patient and won’t quit watching the video. Lastly, it showed about him doing the trick, then he explains the method, steps, and how it works. This is good because after the guy tried the trick, he gave us time to make the trap.

I think this trick is useful because you can recycle bottles. Also I think this is a easy self-woking trick that people fall for it.

Next, there is a simple traps to see whether someone is touching your things or not.

This video is good because the guys voice was really clear and smooth. This made the video really quick but explaining simply. The clip went in a certain pace which made the viewer patient and calm. Also, it was really detailed step by step. This is good because you know what to do on every detailed part so it is a low chance to make a mistake.

This video was good because you know if someone is snooping your stuff. Also, you can find out who is doing it in a prank fun way.

These video’s are useful and fun traps!!

2 comments to My Favorite Tutorial

  1. 20younge says:

    Thanks Shoichi these booby traps were very helpful to me as example I can prank my little Brother EVIL ME!! The good thing about this was it was clear I can hear words clearly with my own two ears and how it worked at the end it also showed me step by step not to slow or not to fast.

    But I still think maybe a better quality screen. Or else people would think wow it’s like a portal back in 1948.But it probably depends on the year

  2. 20morik says:

    I watched both of the tutorials. In the first video I learned that you can just do a prank with only 2 water bottles. Also you can do the same and say I can split a pet bottle in half. In the second video I learned that there are many ways you can know if someone has done something to your things by putting something in or at the place. also if the trick is well known I can do a different kind of trick to know if the victim has done something to the thing. The things I really like about both of them was that it had a intro kind of music and lettering which told me who I can subscribe to the person just in case I liked it and I want to learn more. Also in the first video it said what you need to do the prank. In the second video it said some jokes during the video which made the video more interesting and enjoyable. Agreeing to Everest I think that the first one has bad quality and it was like long time ago. In the second movie I think the person talked a little bit to fast which made me hard to hear sometimes.

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