Great Teacher

Hi. Today I’m going to explain what a good teacher is.


I think a good teacher has a good clear voice and sometimes having fun with the learners. I also think that the teacher needs to make their statement simple and detailed so the learners can learn new things easily. Over that, I think teachers need to be nice and not impatient. I think this is good because if you can learn in a fun easy way (a lot).


I think this unit is based on approaches to learning because the teacher of the future is a unit on teaching new things to other people. This unit can be us learning too because we might learn something from the students an idea or maybe you can learn a thing whilst your talking. For example you might hear a students thought and you respond and learn a new knowledge. You can also research on the thing your teaching and learn something new so I think teaching can be learning at the same time.

Greek Myths

Hi, this is my English class Greek myth unit intro and I will explain about Greek and other myths.

I think Greek myths are something that the ancient Greek people talked about and became a myth, or something LIKE a legend. I think Greek myths are told by the very old people. I think Greek myths are a type of story for the Greek religion.

I think we use myths to show the religion and express our thoughts. Also I think myths are useful and important because I can also show the personality or the story teller. This can happen because some people might have different thoughts or responds to the myths which show their personality

I read the book Yamatanoorochi (Click here to read the story) and this is a myth from Japan and Yamata is a sea monster with 8 heads and eats a daughter from a family every 7 years. It always shows the oldness because a man kills Yamata and the guys killed Yamata with a almost broken sword but when he kills Yamata, he gets a gold mysterious sword. This shows the oldness and how Japan was poor at that time. It show the hardness of survival.

I think myths are important from culture to culture. I think myths are different in every places, even inside countries, though I think the same country myth is similar. I think myth is also a tradition from the old days human. I think myth is a type of story where you can communicate with telling a fun story and their tradition.

I’m Back!

It has been a while since I’ve posted a blog post for fun.




Today I want to tell you about my upcoming things.



I will soon teach you a magic trick, and a way how to make stuff with rubber bands!


I hope you check my blog recently!


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