Tutorial Plan Reflection

Hi this is a reflection on my tutorial, plan part.


I will first explain about the main three important things I did in this units storyboard. It is all related to my tutorial and I was planning about what was good or bad. I think I included lots of details in the script as possible to make my tutorial easier and confident. I included the tutorial step by step so the viewer doesn’t get confused on each part and doesn’t know what to do in the tutorial. I included lots of words besides the pictures to make the picture understandable for the viewer so they don’t get confused on the tutorial.

This is the storyboard:

I think you need to try to make the tutorial simple and easy but has lots of details in it. This will make the viewer learn quickly and learn a lot at once. Also, it can make the viewer, fun watching the tutorial and doing the tutorial.


I think I put enough details and made my script easy so the viewer won’t get puzzled in the middle of the tutorial. I made it clear and simple. I know the viewer is going to understand this because I wrote the script from each bit to bit to make my words clear and easy, simple.


We also made a tutorial timeline plan to make sure we know what to do at a limited amount of time.

Timeline plan here:

I think I need to improve on including more criteria, such as putting tips & tricks in my plan, or telling about what materials you need and etc. I think I need to explain more about the tutorial more than just suddenly starting and finishing. I will try to explain what you need for the tutorial and introduce in my script.

Script is here

List of Criteria is here


I think I will try to make my tutorial good as possible and try to use lots of different details and explanations about the skill I’m going to do!

Math Video

Hi guys!


This is a math project and we were supposed to sell a imaginary drink and we needed to measure the cubic centermeter of the drink. Click here to watch the video. This video explains how to figure the cubic center meter for a shape that is rectangular.


This video will teach how to measure