Art Print Reflection

Hello we have a new unit in art: over and over painting. We had to carve and print a paper.


My pattern was very close to Indian paintings. I tried to use Indian and American patterns. That way, I made something similar to a soccer pitch with random shapes on the paper. I wanted to chose the 2 patterns because I thought Indian patterns were very unique and cool. Also I thought American patterns matched Indian patterns.


I couldn’t finish my printing. I think I couldn’t finish because I lost 2 lessons. But I think the main reason is because I didn’t come to the open studio. I think I was not smart and didn’t think about the future. From next time, I think I will concentrate on my work on art and come to the open studio.


I had a problem of making

My Class

Hi guys!. Today I am going to introduce my class and other information about my school!


First my class mates. We have a countdown list to take attendance. From 1-17 I will introduce the students including me. We are all in grade 6.

1 is Owen. Owen has little curly red hair and he likes to play soccer.

2 is Julynn. She  has long black fair hair and she likes to run.

3 is Benjamin. He has blond black hair average hair length and he likes to play soccer like Owen.

4 is Lente. She has blond and black hair like Benjamin and she likes to listen to music.

5 is Haruna. She has long fair black hair and she likes to watch youtube.

6 is Grace. She has

7 is George. He has curly black hair. He likes to internet surf.

8 is ME!!! I have blackish brownish pretty long hair. I like to snowboard and play around with card magic.

9 is Reina. She has glasses and has short hair for a girl and it is black. She likes to draw and paint art.

10 is Wonkyung. She has dark dark brown hair and she likes to read comics.

11 is Tsuyoshi. He has a little short black hair. He likes to play sports.

12 is Kenryo. He was short hair and his face (no offense) is like a square.  He likes to play pranks.

13 is Athul. He has medium hair and he wears glasses. He likes to play basketball.

14 is Yujin. She has fair long hair and she ties it. Her hair is black. She likes to sing.

15 is Charlie. He has short blond hair and blue eyes. He likes to play basketball.

16 is Everest. He has normal black hair and he likes to read books.

17 is Shaolun. He has very short black hair. He likes to play basketball.


Our math teacher is called Mr. Fedley. He is very funny and teaches well. I think he is a very awesome teacher and one of the best (actually legit the best) teacher in my life.


We learned about fractions and lots of calculating topics. We learned about areas too. We solved text book work and it was very fun doing it!


We completed many activities such as going around the school and making a tally and graph.


The most thing I enjoyed was Mr. Fedley making jokes!! And Mr. Fedley talking!. Mr. Fedley was very funny and I think he made me like math more than ever!


The most challenging thing was assessments and tests. I am bad at English so I was struggling on criteria C and D. Criteria C and D is explaining so I was bad about the criteria.