iPad Materials

I am going to talk about if you should use iPads or not to use iPads in school. I will show this by telling about how people make iPads and where they get the materials.


One element they use to make iPads is, Al (Aluminium). They use Aluminium for the iPad its self and to make the iPad more light. They get most of the iPad materials from the country, Congo. If the Congo people don’t work, the slavery boss shoots them so the Congo people are forced to work or else, they get killed. I think that this is pretty common in most places and especially with mining problems. In the iPad, they use about 135g of Aluminum in 1 iPad.


Then there is a compound and it is Si02 (Glass). People who make iPads use this in the screen and a little bit inside the screen too. This protects the screen from direct damage and resists all the damage. The compound is made with 1 Silicon and 2 Oxigen. The silicon is from Congo.


Since this shows that all of the iPad materials are from slavery, I think YIS shouldn’t end the iPad program entirely, but make the iPad program smaller. I think if we make the program smaller, we are going to be able to help Congo people a little bit, whilst having a cool tool.



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