Why We Read

Hello. Today I’ll be talking about why we read.


I think that reading is very important because you can learn many things and in most stories, there are morals. If you read a good story, I think that once you read a good book, you can have fun and at the same time, you can learn a lesson. This will lead you to a successful life.


Second, I think that reading will help you improve on your english skills. You can learn new vocabulary and new punctuation. When you read, you can find words to have no clue about. But if you don’t know the words, it is normal to research that word.


Third, you will be able to have more creativity. Your imagination skills will improve if you read a lot because you get new ideas about stories. When you read, your thoughts are focused on the book and you know every single detail. If you know all the details, you can write freely by combining the books you read.


Overall, I think that reading will give you no disadvantages but it will give you a lot of advantages. I think that reading is an important thing in life where poeple can learn new skills.