Music Yesterday

At school, in music class, we have been learning a song called “Yesterday” by the Beatles. We practiced for about 3 weeks and it was very fun and exciting when we performed, ON STAGE!


This was the whole process to learning Yesterday.

First, we got the music sheet which had the lyrics and the notes for instruments. We needed to memorize the lyrics first.

Second, we got into a group and chose roles. There were 2 pianists and I played the guitar for the group. Others were all singers.


Third, the instrument people practiced their own parts and matched the rhythm and beat with the singers.


Fourth, we practiced as a whole group until we were perfect, and although we were perfect, we kept on practicing for the performance.


I think the good part was that we didn’t make major mistakes and we performed almost perfect. I got the chords correct and most things were fine and I loved the audience’s reaction. I think they liked it! But, the bad part is that on one chord, I didn’t press hard enough that it didn’t make any sound. I was lucky because this was the part where the singing was loud and the singing blocked the sound of the guitar. Also, this happened near the end of the performance, so I think that I lost concentration and didn’t hold the chords properly. Next time, I think I should work on concentrating more. (My friend told me that I was looking at the piano at the end)