Spanish Reflection for Unit 1

This unit was all about “Mis amigos y yo.” In this unit, we learned a lot about conjugation and irregular, stem-changing, funky, and yo-go verbs. We also learned about expressions and we fortified our conversation skills.


I think that everyone improved and I think I got better at communicating. At the beginning, I was very bad at making full sentences but I fortified my grammar a bit and got to learn how to continue conversations. However, I don’t think I improved on my conjugation a lot because last year, I worked very hard on conjugating and had less errors from the start.


One thing that was very fun in this unit was ser vs estar. This section was very fun because we got to know when to use the word. For example, when you have to say “I am smart” you say,  “Soy inteligente.” (which is the ser) However when you say “I am smart TODAY” you say “Estoy inteligente.” (which is estar) You say this because the ser verb is used if your state is consistent. When you use the estar verb, you state the verb for only a specific amount of time.


The one thing I didn’t improve at all is vocabulary. On this unit, I improved some vocabulary skills but I think I have to strengthen my vocabulary a lot more. I improved on grammar so if I improve on my vocabulary, I think I can be a better Spanish speaker.