Spanish Proud Things

I am proud of the fact that I was able to expand my range of vocabulary and grammar, I have learned to use descriptive words and conjugation to make my sentences sound more formal and interesting. I think I have also improved my writing skills, and my ability to write words in the appropriate form and using vary setneces. These things can help my spanish skills a lot as I am able to speak more fluently, write more formally, and be more “accurate” with my sentences.

I think I have improved my speaking and fluency and confidence as I am now able to understand much more words and sentences compared to the beginning of the year. I think I am more confident in my spanish and can speak more fluently, with fewer mistakes compared to previous years.

I think I have completed my assignments in high quality, as if there were words I didn’t fully understand then I would spend a appropriate amount of time reviewing my class work and my notes. This helped me prepare for upcoming assignments and tests.