Spanish Unit 3 Reflection

We learned a lot in this spansih unit. And I mean so much that it took my a month to memorize one part of a section. The three main things I learned in this unit is, sequences and many expression words, conjugation of past tense, and finally, new vocabulary.


The new vocabulary isn’t a big deal and we do this every unit and so but I got to learn a lot of new words and expand my vocabulary word bank. I got to learn vocabs about travelling such as flight (voler), trip (viaje) (viajar) and etc.


For my expression words, I used to only say, pero, bien , and etc but after this unit, I learned more complex words such as “pro supuesto”, “sin embargo”, “pasarlo bien” and many other expressions. This was one of the most important things in the unit and due to this, I was able to use better sentences and improve on my spanish skills.


Last (most important) I got to learn about past tenses and how the conjugation works! By knowing this, I extended my ability to conjugate more verbs. Also by knowing how to use past tense, my writing range extended so much and now I can write about what happened in the past.