Drama Reflection


In our drama unit, we have been learning about comedy and how to exaggerate ideas. We learned lots of skills such as slapstick, magic, and different styles to make people laugh. Our last thing we had to do was get in a group, and start a comedy routine to show it to our class and grade one. 2 comedy actors have joined our class and gave us advice on how to improve on our comedy routine.


Lots of aspects improve my character, such as my teacher, professional comedians, other people’s comedy routines, and finally myself. First, when I showed our teacher, she said that we need lots of things to work on and we decided to change the whole act because it was not funny at all. Then, we got the idea of pickpocketing and Japanese quince. All of us will act very stupid and we tried to express our dumbness to the audience (failure) to make people laugh. Then, I looked at another group’s act and we got the idea of exaggerating each of our characters in a different way we thought (we got new ideas). I became a police man that steals people’s money because my personality was a goofy guy, except when becoming serious, becomes serious. This way I can show my personalities clearness. Then Rene came to help us out and gave us many interesting ideas to make us look very dumb and funny. At first while my partners have money in their hands, I will be digging their pockets when they don’t have money in their pockets. On top of that, for some coincidence, I will receive the money. A good skill I acquired from Rene was to be very natural and fluid. I can not stammer and be like “what? what is happening” I have to be ready for the next act and if I do this well, our general performance will arise. My character steals the money from the other 2 thiefs and eventually has a chase with them but I outsmart them at first, get caught again (get punched) and finally, steal both money at the end. (At the end, I win). Lastly, I reflected on myself and realized that I have to show more of my potential personality and skills in order to create a smoother act and better mood.

What feedback did you receive about your character and comedy routine? How did make changes based on feedback?

I got many feedback, mainly from Mrs. Erickson and Rene. Mrs. Erickson said that we had to make our comedy act generally more funny because our first act was not funny at all and we stammered every second. Mrs. Erickson said that we should get our character exaggerated to create funnier mood. We decided to change our act completely from zero to get better ideas and change our thoughts (keeping our character the same). Then the most important part, Rene’s advice. He gave our “Act” an advice and generally added/edited our acting parts. He made our act be more funny and especially when he added the part where I can’t find the stolen funny for a few times and somehow get it in my hands. Also, the important thing we improved was our ending. Rene said that endings are one of the most important parts in acts and by improving our ending, our whole act gets better. We made our ending a double comeback, where I first get robbed by the two thiefs and I rob the thiefs money back. This made our act finish clearly and made our act finish better. Overall, I got advice from professional dramaists and this made our act improve in general and we worked hard and I think our act was one of the best we could do.

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