Nature vs Nurture Blog Post

In our InS, we have been learning about the debate of nature vs nurture. This is a debate whether people’s behavior’s or appearances are based on the nature or nurture. Nature, broadly is the genetic or hereditary factors that affects us. On the other hand, nurture is generally where we learn things or experienced things and change our behavior. We have been looking through the phycology behind this.


First, your general response to items may vary depending on gender. In a research/experiment by Cambridge University, several adults were supposed to take care of a child. These children, would be dressed up as the opposite gender, so boys would look like girls and vis-versa. The adults will be provided with toys; trucks and cars for boys, dolls and cudly toys for girls. The adults will give trucks and cars for the girls (dressed up as boys), and the dolls and cuddly toys for boys (dressed up as girls). The children immediately reacted and tried to shove the toys given away and reached for the toys with their own gender. This is an example of how people perceive children stereotypically and how children were provided with their gender sterotypical item.


Last, there was a monkey experiment and the people from the university went to a farm?? The people got out several toys (trucks, cars, helicopter’s, dolls, cute toys) and lay them on the floor. The monkey’s reacted to the toys and interestingly, the male monkey’s chose the trucks, cars, helicopter’s and the female monkey chose the dolls and cute toys. The monkey’s chose the stereotypical toy and on top of that, the monkey’s weren’t nurtured to play with toy’s so this was an example of a complete nature reaction.


Overall, human’s have been getting nurtured and affected strongly but on the other hand, sometimes human’s react with the nature part and both nature and nurture affects the behavior. By looking at this, us human’s get affected by nurture and nature and we change our behaviors in various ways.