Session with Kindergarteners

Today, we had a session with kindergarten students. We were read books and played games with them and it was an opportunity for us to interact with the students. Today, my partner was a boy named Kaito. I think we showed excellent skills for thinking. We were both great inquirers and while reading the book, my partner was into learning new words and etc. At first, the boy seemed very grave and quiet but as the session went on, the boy started to smile and laugh. I thought this was a good example of my partner and I getting better and better. At first, my partner wasn’t able to read the book and struggled in many words but as I thought him how to read each word, he remembered and he started to read the book smoothly.


Second, my partner showed good risk taking skills. As we read the book, even though he couldn’t read the words, he started to say the words. Most were incorrect but close to the actual word. We can see that the boy was steadily trying to use his knowledge to read new words. Also, as stated above, he was risk taking to be with me and start to read the book. To him, I was a total stranger and I think he had the braveness to start reading to me. As the story continued, the boy started to ask me questions as well. At the beginning, he did not ask me questions and I had to back him up at times but later on, he started to ask me how to read the words and etc.


I think we lacked some communication skills as we did not talk about our favorite things. We only focused on the book and in the end, we weren’t aware of my partners hobbies and etc.We could have talked more about fun topics instead of reading the book slowly.


Overall, I had a good session with my buddy and it was interesting to see kindergarteners and realize how we used to be. It felt very nostalgic and time-sick. I was able to extend my thinking skills and many other skills that applied to this activity.

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