Shots and Angles English

Hi guys. We have just started our new unit, …Filming! We are doing a shots and angles lesson and we are… taking photo’s of various shots of pictures.


We learned 5 different ways of angles. First, we learned 2 basic angles, bird’s eye view and worms eye view.

This is bird’s eye view:

May 2, 2014

The purpose of this is to make the angle different of course. Also, most importantly, this makes the viewer know how the person in the camera will look high above/you can know what is surrounding them.

Next is the worm’s eye view:

May 2, 2014

This kind of angle’s purpose is to represent a character is strong/powerful. This tells the viewer that the character has powers and is strong.

There is 2 similar views too. It is called, close up view, and extreme close up view. The differences are that the extreme close up is closing up on the character more than the ordinary close up view.

Close up view:

May 2, 2014

This purpose is to show the character’s looks in a close detailed way. In this case, I wanted to show the details and areas of the boy’s face. I also wanted to show some expression, except not too much.

Extreme close eye view:

May 2, 2014

This purpose is to show their expression clearly. In this case, you can see the boy staring at something/squinting at something and is concentrated. In other ways, I wanted to show what their feeling about.

Then there is wide angle shot.

May 2, 2014

This purpose is to see the surrounding of a character from a flat angle. This makes the character appeal and the other characters appeal too. The character is small in the distance but sometimes the viewer will be focused on the photo. Also I think the purpose of this angle is to show how the location is like and trying to represent the location.


These were picture we took from our school roof. All of these photo’s were tooken by us and we learned that angles can change the characters actions, and emotions. We were supposed to go to the roof and take pictures of these angles. I learned new shots and the purpose of lots of shots.



Greek Myths

Hi, this is my English class Greek myth unit intro and I will explain about Greek and other myths.

I think Greek myths are something that the ancient Greek people talked about and became a myth, or something LIKE a legend. I think Greek myths are told by the very old people. I think Greek myths are a type of story for the Greek religion.

I think we use myths to show the religion and express our thoughts. Also I think myths are useful and important because I can also show the personality or the story teller. This can happen because some people might have different thoughts or responds to the myths which show their personality

I read the book Yamatanoorochi (Click here to read the story) and this is a myth from Japan and Yamata is a sea monster with 8 heads and eats a daughter from a family every 7 years. It always shows the oldness because a man kills Yamata and the guys killed Yamata with a almost broken sword but when he kills Yamata, he gets a gold mysterious sword. This shows the oldness and how Japan was poor at that time. It show the hardness of survival.

I think myths are important from culture to culture. I think myths are different in every places, even inside countries, though I think the same country myth is similar. I think myth is also a tradition from the old days human. I think myth is a type of story where you can communicate with telling a fun story and their tradition.

Podcast Book Review

In english class, we did a book review on a podcast of the favorite book. My book was Time Riders by Alex Scarrow and it is time-riding and time travelling to the past and future. Please enjoy my podcast.

This was my book review on the book Alex Scarrow. I hope you enjoy!!