GCD Reflection “Wellness” : Partaking in the Tennis Team

As a tennis player, playing tennis was a hobby and a place where I could relieve my stress. Ever since I first played tennis in fourth grade, I had always been engaged in the activity. I also joined the tennis team and partook in many tournaments including the Kanto Tennis Tournament 2017 held in ASIJ. During the tournament, I went with some of my friends and upper classes which created good experiences learning from older people and at the same time, it was fun playing tennis with my friends.

First, I have developed physically in the activity. Before the tournaments and even after it, I constantly practice every week in the Yokohama Country & Athletics Club. For every practice, we have some fitness time, practice time, and game time which are divided with good proportion to enhance our tennis performance. During each section, coaches aim for us to develop in different parts. In the physical section, I will be looking at the fitness and practice sessions. During fitness, coaches require us to develop our leg and arm muscles in order to improve our skills. Although every training was difficult to accomplish, by enduring the training every time, little by little the training became easier which shows how I improved in my physical activity. In our tennis practices itself, I was able to improve my tennis skills on its own such as my strokes, serves, volleys and other skills. Each time we practiced, it included a lot of running which made my physical health better.


Next, my mental wellness was supported and maintained because of my tennis career. Before, I used to have a lot of stress coming from various reasons. However, I also found various ways to relieve these kind of stress. One of them was to play tennis. Although tennis is seen as a sport using a lot of physical ability, it is also a good stress reliever. This is because whenever you hit the ball, you feel a bit better. Some people tend to relieve stress by hitting something and it applies the same for tennis; hitting a tennis ball feels good which relieves my stress. Once I started to play tennis, I was surprised by how well and deep I was able to sleep.


In conclusion, tennis has been a big support for my wellness in life. For both my physical and mental wellness, playing tennis helped me. For my physical wellness, tennis had kept me from being athletics and less lazy. Because of this, I developed my muscles and as a student, I don’t feel tired everyday. For my mental wellness, tennis had been a big support as all my stress could be relieved just by playing tennis. This had lead to longer sleeping time, better performance in school work and many other things that could help me improve as a learner.