Eye Dissection

Here are the pictures.


CORNEA: This lets the light in

LENS: This shows the image of something

IRIS: This shows the color of the eye



This is a bonus video

Science Salt Sand Separation Experiment

Hello. We did an experiment on separating a sand and salt mixture. We need to write a few steps to separate only the salt.


-100ml beaker with sand and salt (beaker A)

-Beaker B

-Measuring Cylinder

-Retord stand

-Filter Paper

-Stiring rod



-Bunsen burner

-Gauze mat

-Heating mat



-Safety goggles (Extra safety)


You get a 100ml beaker with sand and salt mixture.

1.  Put about 50ml of water in the first beaker.

TIP: Use a measuring cylinder.

2. Mix the beaker until the salt is completely mixed and only the sand is left.

TIP: Use a stirring rod to mix it better.

3. Make a filter paper so we can filter the liquid.

TIP: Fold the paper twice the same way and open it once so you have it half. Stick your hand between the two paper and stretch it out. There is a filter paper.

4. Set the retord stand, ring, beaker B, funnel and filter paper.

5. Pour the liquid from beaker A through into the filter paper.

6. Wait until everything goes through the paper and into the beaker.

7. Get the beaker.

8. Set up the bunsen burner, gauze mat, heating mat, tripod, and beaker.

TIP: Use a straitened gauze mat and tripod.

9. Place the beaker on top of the gauze mat.

10. Plug the bunsen burner.

TIP: Make sure you plug it fast because you don’t want to spill all the gas from the gas plug.

11. Start heating the bunsen with a match.

TIP: When use the match, use it  from the bottom and time by time, when the bottom area doesn’t light, go higher and higher.

12. Wait and watch the bunsen until the water completely evaporates.

TIP: Watch the bubbles and salt coming up for fun.

13. Get the beaker and there should be salt in the beaker!

TIP: Use your mittens!

NOW you are done and took only the salt from the mixture.


You can get the salt from the mixtures.