Complete Tutorial Reflection

Hi guys this is my tutorial I made for my technology. It is a card trick magic tutorial so please watch and enjoy!

After we had finished our tutorial, we were supposed to comment on other people’s tutorials. I commented on Rei, Liam, and Alex’s blog.


Now I will reflect on my tutorial using, connect, extend, and challenge.




When we were making the tutorial, we made our class criteria. I think that the voice over/clear voice was very important. I tried my best not to forget something in the class criteria because I didn’t want to miss anything and make my tutorial bad. I also think editing and easy angles for the viewer is very important. Also, I wanted to remember the class criteria because I didn’t want to miss anything from the criteria at the end.


I think I did well on teaching the magic step-by-step and my video angle was great (because I used my stable computer). I think I did well on the step-by-step because when there is a magic tutorial, you need to teach the audience, step by step. I think my angle was steady and the viewer can view it easily.


I think missed some of the criteria’s. The criteria I missed were, video quality,tips & tricks and explanation. I think I should have used a better camera because my quality was a little bit blurry, although it wasn’t horrible. I think at least I should have used a phone or camera (I used my computer). I think I didn’t include tips&tricks. I could have said some tricks of doing the trick easier or some tips for getting the magic trick more interesting. Also, I could have explained more clearly and I could have used easier words because sometimes, I sometimes used hard words. Also, my voice quality wasn’t great so I should have improved more on my voice criteria’s.




I think I should have added more easy words and made the viewer comfortable to listen. I think I should have spoke more slow because I personally think I spoke very fast and I think the viewer might not understand what I was saying. Before I uploaded my video, my tutorial was extremely too long. I tried to fast forward but still, it was too long. Then I thought about fast forwarding the video, 500%. When I did that, it was hard to voice over (I couldn’t use my original voice because my pitch was very high). But even though with my voice over, the length became fine and my video was a decent time. If I compared my tutorial with Liam’s tutorial, his voice was very clear and he didn’t stumble, and he spoke in a loud voice. Liam’s voice was very easy to understand and he explained very well on his tutorial.



If I was to make a new tutorial soon, there are some things that might struggle me from completing it. First, is the length and voice over. If my video is long, I must fast forward it. Although, if I fast forward it, the voice recording will be extremely hard. I can’t use my recording for my video audio because my voice is going to be very high and fast. I also think my biggest challenge is my video quality. This is the biggest because when I record, until I finish, I won’t be able to know if my tutorial has good quality or not. So after I record it for a long time, and check my video and if the video quality is bad, I need to start over my video with a different device. I think finding the best recording device is very hard. If I compare my video quality with Rei’s blog post, Rei’s video quality was much better than my tutorial quality. Rei used his screen recording so he used a good application so I think I should use something better than my normal recording.


I think other people’s tutorial is good too and I also liked how other people’s tutorial’s were very unique and I liked how everyone’s tutorial had a different beginning/intro. This made me hook in the tutorial. I think it is very important to make someone hook into a tutorial at the beginning or else, the viewer will not want to watch the tutorial.

Tutorial Plan Reflection

Hi this is a reflection on my tutorial, plan part.


I will first explain about the main three important things I did in this units storyboard. It is all related to my tutorial and I was planning about what was good or bad. I think I included lots of details in the script as possible to make my tutorial easier and confident. I included the tutorial step by step so the viewer doesn’t get confused on each part and doesn’t know what to do in the tutorial. I included lots of words besides the pictures to make the picture understandable for the viewer so they don’t get confused on the tutorial.

This is the storyboard:

I think you need to try to make the tutorial simple and easy but has lots of details in it. This will make the viewer learn quickly and learn a lot at once. Also, it can make the viewer, fun watching the tutorial and doing the tutorial.


I think I put enough details and made my script easy so the viewer won’t get puzzled in the middle of the tutorial. I made it clear and simple. I know the viewer is going to understand this because I wrote the script from each bit to bit to make my words clear and easy, simple.


We also made a tutorial timeline plan to make sure we know what to do at a limited amount of time.

Timeline plan here:

I think I need to improve on including more criteria, such as putting tips & tricks in my plan, or telling about what materials you need and etc. I think I need to explain more about the tutorial more than just suddenly starting and finishing. I will try to explain what you need for the tutorial and introduce in my script.

Script is here

List of Criteria is here


I think I will try to make my tutorial good as possible and try to use lots of different details and explanations about the skill I’m going to do!

Great Teacher

Hi. Today I’m going to explain what a good teacher is.


I think a good teacher has a good clear voice and sometimes having fun with the learners. I also think that the teacher needs to make their statement simple and detailed so the learners can learn new things easily. Over that, I think teachers need to be nice and not impatient. I think this is good because if you can learn in a fun easy way (a lot).


I think this unit is based on approaches to learning because the teacher of the future is a unit on teaching new things to other people. This unit can be us learning too because we might learn something from the students an idea or maybe you can learn a thing whilst your talking. For example you might hear a students thought and you respond and learn a new knowledge. You can also research on the thing your teaching and learn something new so I think teaching can be learning at the same time.

My Tutorial & My Favorite Tutorial

In tech class these weeks, we were researching about tutorials and chose our best tutorial. Then we made a simple tutorial in our google presentations. We first needed to say what was the good and bad parts about the tutorial. We gave each one the advantages and disadvantages.


The difference of my tutorial and my favorite tutorial is my tutorial showed one way of using the technique but the video explains 2 ways of using this technique in any time. My favorite tutorial told us what to be ready for first but I didn’t. For example he said at the beginning that you need to water bottles. But I never told the audience what they needed. But we used arrows and circles to make it clear and my favorite tutorial didn’t. But we both made our tutorial simple and easy.

Investigate Reflection

In technology class these weeks, we have been learning and researching about tutorials. We were working on the investigate stage of the unit. We analysed different tutorials. We basically said what was bad and good and what the tutorial needed to improve so we knew what is bad and good. We made a document called “Tutorial Research.” I watched video’s about PRANKS and this is my post of my favorite tutorial.


During the research part, I  learned a lot of things. I learned that the sound and video of the tutorial effects the viewer and the viewer will like the tutorial if they have all of the things below:

I think these are the things that makes tutorial good and I think that the tutorials needs to include MORE than the above.

After we researched, we looked at other students blog and commented on their blog! We wrote what we learned from their favorite tutorial and what the video needs to improve and we could chose anyone’s blog to comment on. I commented on Kenryo’s, Tsuyoshi’s, and Everest’s blog. On Kenryo’s tutorial I learned that you shouldn’t speak fast in your tutorial or the audience will get lost. I also learned that if you talk confidentially with no mistakes, the audience will not get impatient and will like the video. In Tsuyoshi’s tutorial, I learned that you need to put your camera steady and keep so the audience will understand more. Also, in Everest’s tutorial I learned that if the video quality is horrible, then the audience will get impatient and the video will be bad.

After all finding out things and researching things, we finally made our OWN practice tutorial on google presentation. We knew what to do well on and what to be cautious about but we only had 30 minutes to finish the tutorial and this is my tutorial:

Hope you learn!  WARNING: This only works for MAC


Then we needed to compare our tutorial to our favorite tutorial and thought about what was the good part and bad part of our tutorial. We needed to do the next stage, Compare & Contrast!!


This is my favorite prank making tutorial

The difference of my favorite tutorial and my tutorial is that my favorite tutorial told us 2 different ways to use the prank but in my presentation, there was only one way to use the technique. Also, in my favorite tutorial, it showed what you needed first but in my tutorial, I never showed what you needed. But I used lots of arrows and loops but my favorite tutorial didn’t show circles or arrows. I think we both put details and made the tutorial easy to understand.


I also learned that you need your tutorial to be clear and easy (simple) to understand. You can do this by doing editing or doing things such as voice overing.


I liked my tutorials and I think I will make more tutorials.

My Favorite Tutorial

Hi. This week, we made a tutorial research by watching tutorial research and explained what was good and what was bad. We reviewed on the video’s and we will make a tutorial.

This video is about prank traps. This explains how to revenge your victim. This video is really unique because the guy thought about a fabulous idea of how to recycle a bottle in a very evil, but fun way. While I was watching the tutorial, I thought of how creative the guy was and how simple his trick was.

There was awesome things. First of all, the voice was really clear and easy to understand. This is good because this made the viewer not annoyed because of the video sound. For example, sometimes, there is a high pitch sound that is annoying and distracting. Secondly, the clip was really good and the camera was held in one place so it wasn’t wobbly. This was really good because if the camera is steady, the viewer will be patient and won’t quit watching the video. Lastly, it showed about him doing the trick, then he explains the method, steps, and how it works. This is good because after the guy tried the trick, he gave us time to make the trap.

I think this trick is useful because you can recycle bottles. Also I think this is a easy self-woking trick that people fall for it.

Next, there is a simple traps to see whether someone is touching your things or not.

This video is good because the guys voice was really clear and smooth. This made the video really quick but explaining simply. The clip went in a certain pace which made the viewer patient and calm. Also, it was really detailed step by step. This is good because you know what to do on every detailed part so it is a low chance to make a mistake.

This video was good because you know if someone is snooping your stuff. Also, you can find out who is doing it in a prank fun way.

These video’s are useful and fun traps!!

Create Plan Reflection

Hi guys and I’m back!


In our classes of technology, we have been completing the first step of our blog. It took a couple of weeks but we managed to put lots of different and interesting widgets and menu’s. We made a page about ourselves and navigated in our menu bar. The page is about me and talks about my passions and information (so check it out). We made primary menu’s so other people can see the menu of our school and the about me page. When we looked at widgets, we found other blogs with awesome widgets so I decide to use those cool widgets. We also learned how to put the header image and background image. In the header image, we learned to photoshop but I didn’t do that because I didn’t like the design a lot.

I really liked the stage where we added widgets because it was really fun and cool. The favorite thing I like in my blog is the widgets. My favorite widget is the monkey. I think that widgets are really important because it sometimes keeps attraction to the reader because the widgets are interesting. The widgets has to be colorful at the same time and creative. The widgets can include apps and fun activities to make the reader have a break and settle down. I think another good thing about my blog is that it is not squished up and disorganized but it is quite organized. This makes the reader comfortable to read articles. I also like the menu’s because it is very useful to find articles and we can separate articles easily into different categories.

This is my favorite widget:

I am really proud of my blog theme. I can’t manage to make pictures to show the article but I like the way I put categories on one-side and the menu’s on the top and some on the right. I think my theme is fashioned because it is kind of old-fashioned. I like the way how the theme is clear and easy to see. In addition, I really like how I divided different things like the recent comments and recent posts.


The best activity was completing your widgets. It was awesome to make widgets. And in overall I think that I am really proud of my blog but think that I need a little bit more of help on different things. I think that it is not easy to make your blog perfect at once but I think it will happen when you try a little of a time. I will try to perfect my blog step by step.


Investigate Reflection

In our first unit of technology (about one and a half month), we needed to investigate (looking at other people’s blog and telling what’s the advantages), plan (or brainstorm) our own blog. We learned about wordpress. WordPress was about sharing things about the blogs and skills and advantages.

I wanted to make my blog about myself like what my passion is and what I like to do to show that I am myself. So I looked at other blogs and they were writing about almost everything about themselves (but they didn’t write private stuff so I knew to never write private things). So I tried to use that technic of just posting things about my favorites and representing myself. So I uploaded pictures about my favorite sports.

During the blog search we needed to find the good parts in that blog. I found out that having a search bar, widgets and lots of other technics were a good part of a blog. I also learned that themes, colors, and organization is very important. I decided the most important things were a search bar because the viewer can find the post they want to see, a link to other blogs so the linked place might link my blog which makes more views, and contrast so the viewer can see well and get attracted. I learned all the good skills in blogs by getting little ideas from lots of other blogs. I learned that you need to know the difference between good comments to accept and bad comments not to.

I knew that you needed to attract the viewer so I decided that I needed fancy and cool writing that’s easy to read, awesome colors like outstanding ones, good themes, and a easy search place. The colors and themes and those outstanding things make the reader what is this blog trying to talk about? So they check details and they will view more stuff which is great for you. I also personally think that most people kind of judge blogs by pictures and backgrounds (or you can say the fashion). So I thought I needed to make my own blog in the bright side to make the reader attract and get cached. So I knew that I need good pictures and bright colors for contrast. I put the search bar too to make the viewer easy to look at. I will try to put other people’s blog by link, but I first need to look at other blogs so I can find what’s related and try to get more viewer on my blog.

So I will use lots of technics and make a better blog and make it outstanding so the reader will like it, then share it to someone, then there will be lots of viewers and that is what the blog wants so I will try to use lots of fancy themes. The search bar might effect my views too because the viewer might think the blog is hard to see and hard to find. So I will try to use at least three of the most important skills in my blog so that I can get more views (I think of the important things personally). I will try to set google calendar to remind me of putting a new blog post every week.