The Most Scariest Activity

At field studies, some activities were really freaky. The most scariest one was canoeing and rock climbing. The rock climbing was super scary because the easiest one was super easy but it was super high. Like, if I fell, I would have exploded to pieces. But I was a risk taker (I never knew the high one was easy) so I struggle from freakiness.

At canoeing, I was scared (kind of a little bit) that I would topple over because our canoe was full of water. But I still urged to paddle fast and go to the rest stop quick so we could tip the water off.

What We Learned

At field studies, we learned lots of stuff. For example, we learned about the nature in Hakuba. I was inquired because I focused on plants and other stuff and I asked lots of questions. I learned lots of new plants. Some of them looked weird and the name was weird too. I learned how to do lots of activities like mountain biking, rock climbing and other things. It was really cool. I especially learned more plants. The tree with spikes were awesome. I was really curious so i learned about it. I think lots of other people learned about lots of different camp too.

Hakuba’s Nature

Hakuba’s nature was great or in other words, BOSS. We went to the river that was very cool or cold and in a forest green with fresh air with lots of frogs. We had a great time at the river because we mostly played at the river. It was a great time because we went in the water. The river was great another way because it was really cool that made it feel like putting our feet in. The worst place for walking but good nature was where we mountain biked. But in total Hakuba’s nature was great and awesome.

From October 15, 2013

Most Best Place With Friends

The place I made new friends and communicated with my friends is at the hotel restaurant. While we were eating breakfast and dinner, Tsuyoshi kept telling funny jokes, we couldn’t eat much but laugh.

The 3rd day morning was the best memory. Tsuyoshi was a joke machine. He kept saying jokes for 20 minutes, we only ate half. So I was a communicator. I talked with new people I didn’t know much and knew them a little.

Most Favorite Activity

My favorite activity was rock climbing on the second day. It was fun because I have experience on rock climbing and it’s really cool. I was really excited. As a result it was my favorite. I liked it because I had never done a rope climbing. I t was quite cool because we got to rest. The first wall was easy but since I wasn’t used to the rope, I thought I was going to fall and die! Then when i finished my first one, I did the hardest one. I was a risk-taker but I failed. Still I did the other thing and I succeeded. I needed to think a lot.