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GCD: Personal Goal

Evidence (My PP Report)

The Grade 10 Personal Project was a great experience for me to work independently and complete a whole project by myself. This Project was divided into four criteria: Criterion A (goal, prior learning), Criterion B (planning), Criterion C (the success of my product), and Criterion D (reflecting). This project was around a half-year-long project, and through this experience, I was able to understand my own capability of self-management skill, communication skill, research skill and reflective skill.

The first part of this project was to set a concise, challenging-but-achievable goal. During this period, I was really interested in arranging and learning musics, so I decided to start with something music-related. I tried to categorize the topics that I could do with music, like composing a song, teaching songs, teaching music history and arranging already-composed songs. In the end, I decided to teach Japanese rhymes to the ELC students in our school in order to widen our community’s interaction with Japanese culture. This was a challenging goal, because I have never taught a class before, and I imagined teaching young kids to be very difficult. Because of this, at this point, I was really excited about teaching young students, because I really like to interact with young kids, but was also very nervous.

The planning part was probably the most significant part of this project for me, because time-management and organization skill were the skills that I struggled the most. In this stage, I created a success criteria in order to know what I am expecting from my product, and also created an action plan in order to keep on task of the things that I must do. At first, the action plan didn’t really work for me but when I changed to work in the living room, I was more concentrated, and the action plan came in handy to check off the small milestones.

The action (product) part of this project was Criterion C. I visited the ELC class to teach Japanese nursery rhymes with the resources that I have prepared. I created a small booklet with four Japanese nursery rhymes. This took me some time, because I was really particular about the quality of the design. I created them in Adobe Illustrator, and I was able to get the results that I wanted. To go to an ELC class and teach, I contacted teachers to get an approval and the teachers were very generous to help me with my project.

I feel like I had the most to write about in the reflection part, because this project provided me an opportunity to extend my understanding of my topic, as well as to improve the skills I need to have in order to be an efficient learner. It was my first time completing such a long term project, and this project has built both my AtL skills and the IB Learner Profile Skills. This project has also made me interact with a lot of new people, especially the teachers, and I improved on my communication skill through e-mails. 

A big takeaway from this project was the skill to teach. This project taught me difficulties of teaching, and made me feel appreciation and respect for all of my teachers. I believe that being able to teach is a wonderful skill to have, and I would like to improve on this skill, now that I know what teaching is like.

20kia • September 28, 2018

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