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GCD: Advanced Academics

I have maintained high level academic achievements throughout each subject area and also have improved in areas where I did not reach the top band. As an evidence, I received six 7s and three full highly-developed AtLs on my Grade 9 semester 2 report card, while I received seven 7s and seven full highly-developed AtLs on my Grade 10 semester 2 report card. (Evidence: Grade 9 semester 2 report card / Grade 10 semester 2 report card). Also, I have received the gold certificate for the UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge 2018 in Grade 10: photo, and have attended the Maths Field Day ever since I came to YIS.

In order to maintain this high academic successes, I needed to make lots of choice on how to use my time. One of the things that I know about myself is that I cannot enjoy myself if I only study all the time, and that I have so many other thing that I love, like playing music, creating crafts, watching movies, sleeping, and so on. Therefore, I always try to keep my priority on being balanced, which is one of the learner profiles in IB. The difficult thing is, though, that I cannot spend all of my time on the things that I love. I also needed to use my time on academic work. This is what led me to organize all of my academic works of the week. In order to make sure that I do not cram every assignments in the last day of the week, I use the Note app to create a planner. Personally, I found using this note app useful, since I can look at it both on my laptop and on my phone. This is what my planner looks like right now (I still use it in Grade 11, and I am probably going to rely on this app throughout my DP):

Another reason for my academic skill is my strong point that I ask lots of relevant questions. Sometimes, I am seen as a quiet, shy person because of how I behave (for example, I hear often that my voice is relatively quiet). Despite this image that some people have about me, I truly dislike leaving questions that I have to be unanswered. Of course, I care about my fellow classmates, so I only ask questions that are really relevant in-class, and other questions that I have outside of class, like during recess break. By answering questions when they rise, I improve my understanding of that topic quickly, and it also leaves an impression in my mind so that I remember it during tests.

Another key reason for my academic success is that I review and prepare well. As it can be seen from my plan above, I make myself time for reviewing and preparing for all subjects. I have a really bad long-term memory, so whenever I move on to the next topic, I tend to forget what I have done in the previous topics. To avoid this, I review every subjects carefully (to make sure that I haven’t missed anything) at least once in two weeks during school weeks, and more during holidays. By doing this, I did not have to do lots of extra work for the end-of-the-year exams last year in 10th grade, because I remembered almost all topics that I had to study.

Overall, I am proud that I can balance between my academics and the things that I enjoy doing, and still get good academic results. I can really see the importance of doing the things above, now that I am in DP. I am sure that if I keep this up, I can get satisfactory results in my final DP grades.

20kia • October 26, 2018

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