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GCD: Wellness

During ninth grade and tenth grade, I took Personal and Social Health Education (PSHE) as one of my school subjects. Through spending my time on this subject, I have improved my mental/emotional and social wellness.

In this class, I was able to learn about my strengths and weaknesses as an individual and as a social person. I took several tests to find out about my character. One of these tests was the Values in Action Inventory (VIA) test. It ranks 24 characters in order of my strongest character and my least strongest character. (Link to the result) In general, the result was expected. For example, my humor was ranked 20th, and I agree that being humorous is not my¬†forte. On the other hand, I was surprised by some unexpected result. For example, my creativity was ranked 10th. I did not expect it to be high in the ranking, as I’ve always thought that I lacked in creativity. The result made me think that perhaps, I had been degrading myself more than what I actually was. This test allowed me to review and understand my characteristics and to accept my strengths. Furthermore, understanding my strengths and regaining confidence in myself has let to improvements in my social relationships. Before, when I communicated with my peers, I frequently felt bad about myself and would only notice about what I have done or said wrong, leaving all the positive things aside. After accepting my strengths, I began to blame myself less for the things that could potentially do some harm. I realized that I don’t have to be hesitant and timid to voice my opinion as long as I stay open-minded and kind. Even now, I frequently review my strengths on these tests and give myself time to think about ‘me’ as a person. This has improved both my social and emotional wellness.

Last year, in 10th grade, I learnt from the PSHE test that writing three good things of that day can boost my emotional and mental well-being. Therefore, I try to write three good things that happened that day before I go to bed. When it is difficult to write three, I at least write one. By taking time to realize and note down the positive things in my life, I feel that my mental health has improved. I can get over situations where I feel depressed quicker than before. I definitely feel more appreciation for all of my surroundings through continuing this routine.

20kia • November 6, 2018

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