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Drama Comedy Timeline

In Drama, we have been learning about physical comedy and what kind of things we need to know to create a comedy. Comedy has a huge background history, and it started a long time ago. The development of comedy is very interesting. 1. Ancient Greek Comedy Ancient Greek comedy was a popular form of theatre…

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Elevator Reflection

Overall, I had fun in┬áthe elevator scene, and I found working with my group mates enjoyable. Thinking of the story plot and the details of the characters as a group were bit difficult, but was able to do it in the end. Developing my character was a challenge too, ┬ábecause I wasn’t able to make…

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Stereotypes & Characters

What is a characterisation? Characterisation is revealed through several many things. They show the personality of a character, and can be shown through attitude, relationship, appearance, status, and so on. Things like attitude and what she says can show her speech directly, while her appearance and relationship with each other will suggest what the character…

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