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Chapitre 10: Mise en Train

Activity 1 «Why does Magali want to buy something new?»     It’s Sophie’s birthday tomorrow, and she wants to buy something attractive to wear for tomorrow. «What is Hélène going to wear? Why?»          She is going to wear a pair of jeans and t-shirt, because it is simple and easy…

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Chapitre 9: Mise en train

Activity 1 There was nothing special about Hélène’s weekend. She did her homework, watched the television, and read. Yes , because when she went with Florent, she met a boy called Ahmed. Yes, because she talked a lot of good things about him, and she sounded happy that they both had same interest. Because her…

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Les résultats de ma recherche sur la Côte d’Ivoire

Ivory Coast exports cocoa, fruits, nuts, coffee, and spices. An Ivorian snack, called Alloco uses fried plantain, and is usually served together with chilli peppers and onions. Plantain usually grows in tropical area, including West Africa, which includes Ivory Coast. The plantain that they use is probably from Ivory Coast. Another food is called fufu,…

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French: Chapter 8 Mise en Train

Activity 1: 1. What time of day is it? It is in the morning. 2. What does Mme Diomandė want Djeneba to do? Why? She wants her to go shopping, because she is going to make a futu and sauce arachide for lunch. 3. What are some of the things Djenba buys? She needs to buy…

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Airi La famille

Activity 1 1. They are talking about Isabelle’s family. 2. Yes, Isabelle has one brother. His name is Alexandre. 3. She has three cousins. 4. Her parents, uncle, aunt, and grandparents. 5. She probably likes her family, but she might feel her brother as a bother, because when Thuy says that she doesn’t have any…

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French Chapter 6 Mise en train

Activity 1 1. In the morning, she has dancing class and in the afternoon, she has to go shopping but she is free in the evening. 2. It is Friday, and it is in afternoon or noon. 3. He suggests a concert, the zoo, and Louvre. 4. Isabelle suggests taking a walk to Palais de…

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