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I&S- How Does Memory Work?

Neurotransmitter: Chemical that allows the transmission of impulses Long-term potentiation (LTP): Long-lasting strengthening of synapses between nerve cells, used in explaining long-tern memory. Cellular mechanism: An abstraction of electrophysiological mechanism present in cell Cognitive Loss: Problems involving memory, language, thinking, and judgement Consolidate: Make physically stronger or solid. Neurons communicate through synaptic connections by neurotransmitter. The persistent…

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G9 Nīgata Expedition

The expedition in Niigata turned out to be harder and adventurous than expected. This made me learn more about self-reliance and collaboration. When we hiked, we were in groups of around ten people, and in our group, each of us had a specific role. There was the navigator, pace maker, rear manager, time keeper, and so…

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Nature vs Nurture

Nature means that we behave in a way by our instinct and genes. Blinking and taking your hands away from something hot could be some examples. Eating food and sleeping, too. Nurture is when we behave someway because we were taught that way, and it has become the habit. For example, wearing clothes and brushing…

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