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I&S Compare & Contrast

The first two indicators that I picked was GDP per capita and literacy rate within people who are above 15 years old. I thought that these related to each other, because with more people who have literal skills, they will be able to work, which will increase the GDP of the country. The two countries…

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How religion has influenced my life

I am not religious, and I do not go to the temple or the church very much often, but I think that I do take part in some of the celebration like Christmas. I also go to the shrine sometimes for summer festival, but I don’t really consider it as a religion, more like for…

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Humanities Food Label Reflection

I personally really liked this investigation, because of my group and the project itself. I think that we worked really well – everyone helped me a lot and our collaboration was great. We all did some research and while Kenryo and Vienna worked mainly on the research (they made some labels too), Reina and I…

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