In March, we spent a week in Niigata for a snow expedition. The expedition was filled with new experiences for myself as I was faced with various challenges in a different environment away from where I would usually be comfortable in. The most challenging experience was the snowshoe expedition, as well as, the quinsy building….

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GCD Adventure

During this year’s expedition, I learned that pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone can lead to self-accomplishment. When I heard that we were going to have a three-day hike, I knew at that moment that I would not enjoy it. However, as the days progressed I came to enjoy the hike, as the help…

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Comedy Timeline | Drama

Ancient Comics Greek comedy was one of the most popular and influential forms of a theater during the 6th century BCE across ancient Greece. The most famous playwrights were by Aristophanes and Menander. Ther play consisted of  mocking politicians, philosophers, and fellow artists. In addition, the plays indirectly included crucial insight into Greek Society such as…

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Unit 4 Reflection | Spanish

NEW UNDERSTANDINGS 1. I learned that conjugations of different tenses, somewhat have connections with each other. The affirmative and negative commands have two ways of conjugating. The affirmative tú form has its own conjugation and everything else is the same. When looking at the usted, ustedes form, and negative tú form it is the same…

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Unit: Pride and Prejudice Reflection | English

Perspective changes our understanding of the world by letting us see all the sides. When we talk about controversial topics people may only think one way. Agree or disagree. However, hearing opinions from different people can make us understand, consider the perspectives of the other side because everyone has a reason for thinking that way. For…

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Hiyaku Performance Reflection | Music

1. What was effective about my preparation? What worked best? Why? I prepared by mainly focusing on the parts I have trouble playing. Once I knew what I was good at and what I need to work on, I decided how much of each section I would practice. Therefore, practicing section 2 was very important…

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Unit 3 Reflection | Spanish

Learned New Grammer In this unit, we learned preterite, future tense, conditional, reflexive pronouns, indirect and direct object pronouns. At the start, it was very confusing and challenging to learn these because there were irregular verbs. However, once I remembered them I was able to use them in my sentences. As a result, my sentences sound…

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The most difficult parts of Hiyaku for myself was page 4 line 1 to line 2 measure 2, page 5 line 3, and page 6 lines 1 + 2. Page 4 line 1 to line 2 measure 2 My strategies for improving this part was to remember my finger placement. In this part, you have…

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3 Things I am Most Proud Of | Spanish

This year in Spanish, I have learned many things from vocabulary and grammar to having an actual conversation with someone in Spanish. First of all, I have gotten better at grammar. At the start of the year, I didn’t understand the purpose of conjugation and the reasons why we do it. Now I know that…

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