3 Things I am Most Proud Of | Spanish

This year in Spanish, I have learned many things from vocabulary and grammar to having an actual conversation with someone in Spanish.

First of all, I have gotten better at grammar. At the start of the year, I didn’t understand the purpose of conjugation and the reasons why we do it. Now I know that it is very important to conjugate verbs because then you will know who is doing the action and when they are doing the action. Also, at the start, I was not very good at conjugating, however as I start writing more and more my conjugations skills developed and now I am much better than before.

Secondly, I improved on speaking to other people naturally in Spanish without a script. There are areas where I need to improve such as smoothly talking or using the correct vocabulary when talking, but compared to last year I am surprised of how much I can speak without having anything to read off or remember. For example, the oral of the travel agent and client was a bit hazardous, but I was really proud that I got through and had a normal conversation in Spanish with someone.

Lastly, my sentences are much complex and interesting. At the start, I only knew easy adjectives such as simpático, and mostly forgot all the vocabulary we learned in the previous units. However, I started to use those words often that I naturally remembered them, which helped me write more complex sentences easily. Also, you can notice this improvements by my grades.

kimk • December 14, 2015

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