Unit 3 Reflection | Spanish

Learned New Grammer
In this unit, we learned preterite, future tense, conditional, reflexive pronouns, indirect and direct object pronouns. At the start, it was very confusing and challenging to learn these because there were irregular verbs. However, once I remembered them I was able to use them in my sentences. As a result, my sentences sound much more sophisticated and complex. In addition, using the pronouns helped make the sentence shorter and to the point. For instance, instead of saying ‘Me gusta el libro’ over and over again, you can say ‘Me gusta lo’ (after the reader understands what you like).

Learned New Vocabulary (eg. verbs)
This unit I learned many verbs and practiced how they are conjugated in preterite, conditional, and future tense. These verbs helped me express my ideas better and I can make interesting sentences. Also, I expanded my vocabulary like I always do each unit. I learned words that may come to use when on trips.

Learned Expressions and Transitions
Since in this unit we learned preterite tense, I learned expressions and transitions that are useful for past tense. For example, anoche, por lo tanto and ayer. The expressions and transitions help me stop from using the same words repeatedly. It also makes my sentences more complex like how learning new grammar and vocabulary does. In addition, it makes me feel like the sentences actually mean something because before I kept using pero or el lunes instead of ayer, anteayer or sin embargo.

1. Will we learn the other past tenses?
2. Are there any resources that you recommend we use when studying for a test?

What Went Well + Learning Habits
This unit was a very successful unit because I learned many things and my knowledge was effectively used in my tests. Often when I study I look over my notes and also look at the booklet. When I study for tests, I look at what we have learned so far and in addition, look up useful websites that may help to study for tests. Also, for comprehension tests, I predict what kinds of questions might be asked, and then practice reading and understanding text.

My goal for the next unit is…
1. learn more vocabularies
2. make sure I know my conjugation completely
3. try out new studying habits that may be better

kimk • March 15, 2016

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  1. Sra. Hill March 17, 2016 - 11:22 am Reply

    We will learn one more past tense in the final unit of the year. I think you should use resources like Quizlet and Conjuguemos and to help you study.

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