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1. What was effective about my preparation? What worked best? Why?
I prepared by mainly focusing on the parts I have trouble playing. Once I knew what I was good at and what I need to work on, I decided how much of each section I would practice. Therefore, practicing section 2 was very important because I had most trouble playing there because of the beat. Also, when memorizing I divided each section into patterns. For instance, on section B, I divided it by thinking that each two measures is one and imagined as if it was a pattern together. This helped me a lot because when I am playing I am ready for two measures at once.

2. How might I have worked differently to better prepare? What will I do differently next time?
To better prepare myself, I would practice a lot more. When performing, I knew what I was supposed to play but because I didn’t feel entirely prepared, I got nervous and got lost in one section. By practicing more I will be more confident and sure about what to play. I will know the music. In addition, I will practice with the tempo we use in class. Usually, at home, I would practice faster than we do in class. So, I think I should practice at home like we do at school because we have to play at the same tempo.

3. Your overall impressions of your class’ performance. How did you do as a group (positive aspects, areas to improve)? For you individually – how did you do? Did you meet your expectations? What went well? and what will you work on for next time?
I think as a group we did well. There were areas where we fell apart, however, we were able to bring it back. I think as a group we need to trust each other that they will play when you have to. For instance, people tend to follow people and they don’t start playing until the other people do. However, we need to trust that the others will play when you play. This means that you have to be cautious of when to play as well as others. It may have been hard to have trust in each other because there were a lot of new students this year, and we are not working all together yet. In addition, we have to listen to each other and adjust tempos to fit with the other part. For instance, in this piece second koto was easier so they would tend to go faster, and the first koto found it hard to keep up. As an individual, I thought I could improve. I was not very satisfied with how I did because I did not feel that I was fully prepared as I mentioned before. However, I was able to stay with the group, and come back in if I got lost. For next time, I would work on knowing what to play myself, keeping everyone together, and be prepared so that I won’t feel nervous before I play the piece.

kimk • March 20, 2016

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