Grade 6

At Y.I.S we have this thing called the “Student Led Conference”. Student Led Conference is when we show the work we’ve done so far to our parents. We need to show what work demonstrated a learner profile attribute. So here they are 🙂


I am knowledgeable in classes when I think of the things I am focusing on and how I can find these things out. Also when I say a statement of a discussion or something I use my knowledge of understanding and say my statement.

In Humanities I was knowledgeable when I did a project on postcards. I first found a place that had an natural disaster, and I had to write postcards about what happened before the disaster and after. Also we had to decide if we are going to stay at the place or move. Why I thought the postcards are a good demonstration of being knowledgeable is because I showed my knowledge of how I can imagine how it was and my research work. Also from this work I learned how I can use my experiences for my work. For this particular work I used my experience from March 11th, 2011. Here are the postcards 🙂

In Science I was knowledgeable when I did a project on good backpacks and bad backpacks. I had to find out what makes a good backpack and what effects there can be by carrying heavy backpack. Why I chose this piece of work to show me being knowledgeable is because I thought it shows how I know to present my understandings in a poster. From this work I learned that holding heavy bags can damage your back. Also I learned how to prevent your back being damaged by the backpack. Here is the poster 🙂


In Japanese we did an article on a story we thought that was interesting. I wrote about a woman’s dead body found in a room. Why I chose this piece of work is because it demonstrates my knowledge by showing how I can gather information about this case and I really liked how it turned out. Also I from this piece of work I learned that making an article is like connecting puzzle pieces because I gathered information from a few sites and I connected all of the information and made it into an article. Here is the article 🙂


I am reflective in classes when I reflect on how I can improve my work and what we can do better. Also I reflect on the good things I did on and how I can make that even better. I thinking reflecting is very important because then you can see things you can do better and things you can do well.

In Technology I am reflective when I write reflections on my blog after every time we finish a stage in the design cycle. In our technology we have a design cycle and it goes like this. Investigation Stage → Planning Stage → Create Stage → Evaluate Stage. After each stage we make a reflection blog post. I chose my blog posts because on the posts I wrote everything about what I thought I did good on and what I thought I can improve on. When I look at my blog posts I always remember what I learned because it’s all written there. Here is a reflection blog post. If you want to see more then go to the menu and select tech 🙂 Investigation Reflection

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.27.22 PM

In Art I am reflective when I did my self-portrait. I was always looking at it and seeing what I can improve. Also I ask people to critique my work and from their feedback I improved my artwork. We worked on the portrait for a whole semester. We learned how to put shades, highlights, and also how to make the portrait look as realistic as it can be. I chose this work because I thought it was a really good demonstration of how I builded up my art work, and it shows how much improvement I made since the start of the year. So here is the self-portrait 🙂

                                   Before                                                                      After

 Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 12.10.30 PM      Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 12.11.48 PM

In Music I am reflective when I take a video of myself and I think of improvements. In music class I am playing an instrument called the koto, and I took a video of myself playing a part of the piece and I made a blog post reflecting on it. I chose this piece of work because you can see the video and know what you need to improve on. What I learned from this piece of work is that if you take a video you can really see what parts you can make better. Click HERE to go to the blog post with the video and reflection 🙂



I am a communicator in classes when I do presentation’s and we present them. Also when we show what we can do by communicating with others. I think communication is an important thing because you can share you thoughts with others and say things that you think.

In Humanities I am a communicator when I did a project on Ireland with my friend. We made an slide show about Ireland and we needed to use our communicating skills when we presented to the class. I chose this work because I thought it shows my understanding of different countries. What I learned from this is that is is very important to know the skills of communicating. Click HERE to see the slide show 🙂

In Drama I am a communicator when we show the class what we can do. For example on our first unit we did a tournament on improv and we had to show our skills on improv. I chose this particular project because it completely show what communicating is and also thinking quickly. What I learned from this is knowing how to think of a story or something and talking in a clear voice so that everyone can hear because when you have to do something quickly you often panic and kind of say the words of mixed up, so you need to have a big clear voice 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 6.59.33 PM


I am a thinker when I think about how I can achieve the thing I want. Also I am a thinker when we do projects, and I am a thinker when I think about the words meaning.

In Spanish I am a thinker all the time because it is a new language to me, and I have to think what the words mean. Especially on tests I am a thinker. I thought my tests show great demonstration of me as a thinker because it shows how I thought about how to answer the questions. At first it was really hard for me because it was a completely new language to me and the only words I knew was hola and gracias. But now I now a lot more words and I am able to describe myself and others. What I learned from my tests are how to write in complete sentences. Here are the tests 🙂

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed

In Math we did a teaching toolbox project. We were in groups and we had to think of a way to teach the class about fractions. I chose this project because it show me thinking of how I can teach fractions in a “fun” way and not make the class bored. My group taught the class how to divide fractions.What I learned from this was it’s hard to think of things to do in class that won’t make people bored.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 7.00.36 PM

In English I am a thinker when I have to write a story opening. I had to think of interesting words and advanced words. Also adjectives. I chose this work because I thought it show how I was thinking about the story and how to make the start of it interesting so readers will want to read more. What I learned from this project is that you need to think about the story and how to make it exciting in the start. Here is the work 🙂

In P.E. I am a thinker when I wrote meanings for words that are used in baseball such as double play, tagging up and so on. I chose this piece of work because it shows how I understand the words and it shows me as a thinker because to be honest I didn’t really know the words until I researched about, and now I understand the words. What I learned was first of all the words meanings and that even it’s boring to learn words it can help you to grow you knowledge of words. Here is the words I learned 🙂



I think I need to work on being a risk-taker. I don’t really like taking risks and I stay on the safe side, but I think I need to take risks and sometimes it’s leads to a good thing or a bad thing.

In Drama I need to be a risk-taker more. In class we had to read a speech in front of the class and I wasn’t really being confident and volunteering to read the speech.



Here are some goals I made with my parents 🙂

Be more confident and ask teachers questions.

I think I should ask more questions about homework in my subjects because often I just try to find out the answer myself and end up not really getting it. Also I think I should be more confident and not care about what might happen after. This is a SMART goal because….. I am going to be confident and ask teachers questions about anything I am not sure or super clear with. I think this is important for this time because it is the second semester and there are going to be exams and etc so I need to be able to understand the things we are learning. How I’m going to do this is by asking questions. I will know that I reached my goal because I can see if I am doing better in class and talking with the teacher. I know that this is an achievable goal because all I have to do is ask questions and it is a manageable goal. This goal is realistic because it’s not too hard and not too easy. I will achieve this goal by the end of the school year.

Read more and grow my knowledge.

Don’t be scared to make mistakes.

Be more healthy 🙂

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