Grade 8

I have demonstrated this skill in design, English, and music. In design, we are creating an animation and it was very important that I need to keep track of my time because, the teacher wasn’t going to tell us what needs to be done by when, and we just had a due date for the project. And so, I organized my scenes and decided what needs to be done by when, and I successfully finished my animation before the due date. In English and music, I was organized and did my work beforehand, which made it easier for me to turn it in before the due date.

I have demonstrated this skill in science, art, and Spanish. In Spanish, I am constantly reflecting on my projects from before, and see what I need to improve. This certainly helped not only my grades but, my knowledge for Spanish. I understood the topic more, and the rules in more depth. Also, in science, I always write reflections in the end. I reflect on what could have been done better in the experiment. In art, I was reflecting on my art piece. Thinking about what would make it better or what I could add on.
Spanish Unit 1 Reflection

Information Literacy
I have demonstrated this skill in I&S and Japanese. I think this skill is most important in I&S because all of our projects include research, and writing up something based on our opinions and research. For example, in my caste system essay, I made a table to organize my research and then took the relevant things to put in my research. This ‘way’ of organizing my research is very useful because it helps me evaluate the information, and see if it is relevant and reliable. In Japanese, I made a speech, where I talked about how war can affect people mentally. And, all the information was very opinionative and biased, that I needed to make sure I was looking at the topic from various perspectives.

Critical Thinking
I have demonstrated this skill in PE. We have just had a unit on handball, where we had to come up with a plan for out team to have a successful game play. I had to watch how our team played and see how our opponents played. For example, if in one team one person was making the goals all the time, I took that in account and made sure that in our plan we marked that person well.

This skill is something I want to improve in, and especially in math and drama. In math, I often use a calculator and forget to communicate the that was going through my mind process. This sometimes can affect my grade because the teacher won’t know what I was trying to do, and I can’t find the errors I made because I can’t see the process of getting to the answer I had. In drama, I am not as involved in class discussions as much as I would like to. And so I would like to improve it that area.


  1. read more Japanese + English books
  2. review class work every night
  3. try to be more confident in what I say
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