Travel Agent and Client Oral | Spanish

Haruna: Travel Agent Me: Client Me: Travel Agent Haruna: Client

PTS Conference Reflection Questions | Spanish

What are your strengths & weaknesses in Spanish? My strengths in Spanish is my pronunciation. I think that I can say words properly with the right pronunciation. Also, I think I am good at using the vocabulary that I’ve learned and incorporate them into my writing to create more sophisticated complex sentences. My weaknesses in Spanish is…

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¿Cómo Prefieres Viajar? | Spanish

De vez en cuando yo viajar lejos yo prefiero a viajar en el avión porque lo es fácil y rápido que viajar por coche o bús. También es impráctico a viajar por caballo o bicicleta porque es incómodo, muy lento y difícil a tomar grandes maletas. Sin embargo antes voy viajar en un avión yo…

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Character Elevator Scene Reflection | Drama

In drama, we are learning about characters, stereotypes and how characters can develop. My group did an elevator scene in a hotel. I was the concierge, Haruna was a cat lady guest, Rei was a rich narcissist guest and Oliver was the bellboy. I feel that we did really well and the relationship dynamics were…

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South Korea and Tanzania|I&S

According to Gapminder, in 2012, the population of South Korea was 49 million and the population of Tanzania was 48 million. The population difference between South Korea and Tanzania is only 1 million, however, the development of these two countries is completely different. Firstly, Tanzania’s and South Korea’s fertility rate and GDP per capita in…

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After Field Studies

2 weeks ago we went to Minakami, Gunma and I had the best time there. The best activity I did there was canyoning. To be honest I was scared at first, but once I got the hang of going down waterfalls and jumping off cliffs I felt comfortable doing these things. Also in the end…

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Pre Field Studies

Next week is field studies and the grade 8 are going to Minakami, Gunma. I am very excited for the activities that are planned for us to do. During field studies we will work on passing our comfort zones and becoming more confident in ourselves. I am very excited for the white water rafting because I’ve…

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Unit 1 Reflection | Spanish

This year in Spanish I learned many things from vocabulary to sentence structures and so on. In this unit, we learned about conjugation, stem-changing verbs, ser vs. estar, understanding relationships, feelings and detailed sentences. My strengths so far from this unit is firstly I improved on my conjugation. At the start of the year, I…

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Stereotypes & Characters | Drama

Stereotypes are when you look at the big picture of the character. Then you take the ‘typical’ features of the character instead of the not so typical individual features. When acting people act out the stereotypical features of the character because it would be the first thing on their mind. Also it would be easier for…

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