Niigata Expedition Grade 9

We had 2 concepts we focused on in this expedition which was self-reliance and relationship. Through the expedition, I learned a lot about self-reliance and relationship. Also, I learned about leadership by the group game. If one leader leads the group, it is easier to follow the leader than when there are more leaders who lead because we can know who we need to follow. This helped me to understand the leadership easily. In this expedition, I was the navigator which was near to leader of our hiking group. So leadership was not included in our concept of the expedition, but I could be learned about it more. During the expedition, one of our group members should be the navigator and navigate our way to the camp side and hiking track. I became a navigator in my group by Hyun-seo’s recommendation. I have learnt about how to read the map but I’ve never used the paper map in real life, so navigate the route to the group with the paper map was challenging. I could refuse to be a navigator but I decided to take at least one job for everybody in this expedition so I accepted to be a navigator. It was hard first time to lead the group to the right path and read the paper map. I was afraid to get lost so I always checked our rout whenever we take a rest. I also tried to remember the name of the mountain to make sure that I can read signs on the track. I was anxious first time but after I used to read the paper map, read signs and get close to our campsite, I felt comfortable. Through this activity, I could know taking a risk looks really scary and can be really challenging to me but if I try it, it can be easier than I thought or you will feel that you have been improved. I also learned more about self-reliance and I think self-reliance will help me to get through from problems that I will face in future. What I learned about the relationship is the trail name that we made during the hiking. Before we go to hiking, Peter who helped our group taught us about trail name(nickname). Our group felt interesting and we decided to make trail name and call it. Most of our group member has trail name and I was ‘bear’. Each trail name has a reason why we call them as their trail name and reasons are really funny and it was what another group can’t know and sympathize with it. In the expedition, I talked a lot with other people who didn’t really talk much at school. I’m sure that trail name brought us closer together. In last year, we went to Gunma and did a lot of extreme sport. I had to think what I need to do in our group in this year, but I didn’t have to think about what I need to do in last year. This made me think about myself more and also care about other people. During our expedition, I learned a lot of things and it will help me in the future.

Reflection on Hedwig’s theme

I am taking a part in Hedwig’s theme for the spring concert that will play tomorrow. Wonkyung and I are playing a recorder. I tried to play my part nicely to make our spring concert successful.

I was finding the music sheet of Hedwig’s theme for a recorder on the internet first to know how to play the recorder. It was hard to find the hand note instead of piano. After I found the music sheet, I couldn’t make exact sounds that I need to make. I researched for the tutorial for Hedwig’s theme for the recorder. I found the way to make proper sounds that I need to make on the youtube video. I changed that part so I could make nice sounds. After I have decided my music sheet and chords for the recorder, I kept listening to the tutorial video. It helps me to know what is the right sound and nice sound for Hedwig’s theme so I can know I make a mistake when I make a mistake. This helps me a lot because before I kept practice without listening to the tutorial, I didn’t notice that I made mistakes so I couldn’t improve on the part that I use to make a mistake.

Before the performance, our group practiced altogether many times. Every time we practice with everyone in Hedwig’s theme group, I and Wonkyung practiced our recorder part. I knew how to play Hedwig’s theme earlier than Wonkyung  so I taught her how to play. It helps me to  understand the way to make nice sound effectively. When I and Wonkyung practice individually, we tried to work on our own timing, it helps us to make sure that we know the tempo of the song. I practiced it at least once a day. When I practice, I played the tutorial for Hedwig’s theme on the recorder at the same time. It helps me to know the timing to play the chords and remember the song.  Also, it helps me to know where I make mistake common. It was important because I could know where is the part that I need to improve.

These things that I did before the spring concert helped me. It was good to try those to be confidence on the recorder.

Japanese speech — 今年の抱負








 そして私のもう一つの抱負は去年よりもっと絵をたくさんかくことです。絵をたくさんかきながら、私のびじゅつの実力を上げたいです。私はしょうらいに美術関連のしょくぎょうにつきたいです。だから今年美術学院に通おうと思います。 私の夢をかなうためにがんばります。



Music – Original song using chords

In Music class we made a original song using 4 chords. We use C chord, F chord, G chord, A chord. Hana did chords, I did bass lines and Jess and Carlene sang. We recorded the song in garage band. We also performed in front of class.

Hana did chords, I did bass lines and Jess and Carlene sang. The order of chords in our song is c-g-a-f.  Lyrics of our song is from I hate you I love you by GNASH(ft.Olivia O’Brein). Intro and ending is Hana solo and after the intro I play the bass. In our recorded song, bass part doesn’t change on chorus part but for performance I change the bass on chorus part little bit. Work with other members(Hana,Jess and Carlene) was pretty good. Hana and I decided the melody and bass and Jess and Carlene decided the lyrics. We could make our song rapidly.

When we performed, we change the bass part little bit. Before I performed in front of class, I was really nervous. I think I made some mistakes when I performed. I tried to focus on Jess and Carlene’s voice and sound of Hana’s piano. Because I trying to keep and follow other members’ pace.  After everyone performed their song in front of class, I was surprise that we can make many different kind of songs just using 4 chords.

I learned that we can make  a song with using just 4 chords. Also I learned how to make melodies and how to follow the pace of the song when I perform.Our song was simple so next time we can add more melodies.

Difference between South Korea and US – I&S

In I&S class we are looking at gap minder and studying about development. And we need to write about blog post about differences between two countries that we chose. I chose Korea and US. Korea and US’s indicator show they move similarly. Most different indicator are Fertility rate and GDP per capita.

Fertility rate and GDP per capita

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.44.11 PM

In 18oo, US’s fertility rate was higher than Korea, but US started to move down which means they started to did not give birth to baby than before. Korea did not show big movement until fertility rate of US became lower than Korea, but between 1945 and 1950, fertility rate of Korea become low quickly. Because there was Korean war in Korea. In 1951, Korean war ended through armistice so fertility rate became higher. After 1959, it became lower and finally in 2012 Korea’s fertility rate is lower than US.

US had higher GDP pre capita than Korea in 1800. US kept move left but one time US show big movement to right. It mens US kept get more GDP per capita but one time US get low GDP per capita. Between 1929 to 1933, there was Americas great depression in US. In 1800, Korea’s GDP per capita is much low than US, between 1800 and 1900, Korea didn’t show big motion but after 1900, Korea slowly go right and in 1945 to 1950, there was Korean war so GDP per capita go to very low but soon Korea go to right quickly.

To compare fertility rate of 2015 of Korea and US, now Korea’s fertility rate is lower than US. It’s because Korean women’s average age at first marriage are become older so child bearing period become shorter. Also Korea’s child rearing expenses and educational expanses are become more expensive. These days, Korean government introducing policies to promotes childbirth to solve low birthrate problem.

Character Scene Reflection-Drama

Our group’s setting is laid in apartment’s elevator. Characters which appears in this scene are Shea, Anna and Me(Kunhwa). Me, Kunhwa Kim ,is a head of company which is Anna works for. She is selfish and rude person. She is stickler for punctuality. The summary of our play is Anna promise to come to my(Kim) apartment and Anna is late two minutes for our appointment so I(Kim) mad at her. I(Kim) shout at her in elevator. Then suddenly elevator stops so Shea Who ride elevator before Anna and I(Kim) is panic-stricken. Anna tries to pacify Shea. I keep shouting at her and finally I fired her, and Anna starts to shout at me. I cry because I am so surprised. While I am crying, Shea fix the elevator. I ask Shea to work for my company but he refuse flatly. After I am refused by Shea I ask to Anna but She mad at me and left the elevator.

In our elevator scene the status changes every time. Beginning of play, highest status is me. When Anna starts to shout at me, Highest status is Anna. Lastly, Shea get highest status when he fixes the elevator. I made my face looks really angry and shouted in loud voice at Anna first when I appear to show audience that I am the boss. I use stereotype that ‘When the boss is angry, he/she will shout at junior staff” here. Before I ride the elevator I shook my leg and looked at watch. It show audience to that I’m late at something or someone else is late, Also I said “You wasted my time”, “You have to be in my apartment two minutes ago” to Anna. I show audience that I am stickler for punctuality. I keeps my hands at my sides for use stereotype that ‘angry people usually keep there hands at their sides’.

I understand and know how to use the stereotypes and status. Also I find that there is many stereotypes and many different kind of status, too.  One of challenging areas were acting and be a different person from me.

8C Drama: Elevator Scene5 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Field Studies Reflection

I learned many things during the field studies. We did many activities that I had not done before. There are so many things that I learned through the activities, but I’ll talk about two activities that I could learned through do it.Team building games is the first activities I want to talk about. While I do the team building game, I worried about other team mates will mad at me because I couldn’t help or get in the way of my team. I think I was stand in the way of my team, but they didn’t angry at me. I learned that I don’t need to worried about something that won’t be come true. When I was going to place where we would do canyoning, I was nervous. I had ever done canyoning before and I did not know there is activity called canyoning. While I sliding the waterfall, I feel not bad. I learned that some times I need to try new things and I don’t need to so worry about it.

Stereotypes & Characterisation -Drama

1.What is a stereotype? Give an example

-According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, a stereotype is a fixed idea or image that many people have of a particular type of person or thing, but which is often not true in reality. For example ‘People who didn’t graduate college are stupid’ is one of stereotype that people have.

2.When is a stereotype useful?

-Stereotype is useful when we watch or act in play. People can get the basic information from the stereotype. Actor use stereotype in costume. For example In Star Wars 4,  villain Darth Vader’s costume is all black and his lightsaber is red. But the hero Luke Skywalker wears white costume and uses blue lightsaber. Actor in Star Wars 4 use the stereotype that ‘Villains like dark colors and heroes like light colors’.

3.Considering people & characters that represent people – why can’t you ‘judge a book by it’s cover’?

-It is bad that judge people by their appearance and stereotype because people are not like what they look like or seem like. Some people who didn’t graduate college are smarter than some people who did, and not everybody that like dark colors is villain.


Field trip

I’m excited about share the room with friends.

But I’m afraid about do exercise that I have not before.

For example  jumping at the water proof(?), kayaking etc…

I think these exercise can make me and other friends closer.

I’m really excited and looking forward.

How religion has influenced my life

My parents and grand parents believe in Buddhism. Naturally,I am influenced by buddhism  me and I learn about idea of buddhism since childhood. Our family go to temple on the day of buddha’s coming every years.  We have the little statue of buddha at home.We also have red beans , Buddhist scriptures and Buddhist rosary.When the person or animal was dead we said ‘極樂往生(극락왕생)’ It means ‘I hope you to go to heaven’. and many Koreans (including of my family) hold a memorial service for one’s ancestors to ask our ancestor to protect our family. I  feel sometimes my ancestor protect me. and I think that religion comforts me .