Hana Ikada

This is me playing Hana Ikada. What I have to practice is the tempo. I always screw up the tempo and since this is a duet (Koto 1 and koto 2) tempo is very important. I will also work on my full press and release the press without making a weird sound. But overall I think i’m doing a pretty good job and I hope I can do well at the concert.

One thought on “Hana Ikada

  1. Reina,
    Thank you for posting. I think you are doing a good job with Hana Ikada.
    Please check your tuning – make sure to tune with your tuner every time you play/practice. (The strings stretch and naturally go out of tune.)
    As you said, it might be best for you to work on the tempo and keeping your sukui even. You could set your metronome to the eighth note (maybe 120) and play the sukui section along with the beat. Also, be careful about the timing of your presses and when you release them.
    Keep up the good work!

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