Create Reflection

Hey there. Hows it goin’? Since I can’t hear you, I will leave two respond. Feeling good? Yeah greaaaat! Feeling bad? Aww too bad, I don’t care.

Today I will be talking about my blog and how I made it perfect. Also I will be talking about whats good and whats bad about my blog. So lets get started!

Im very satisfied with my blog and I really think its organized but colorful. Simple but exciting. I think my menu is easy to understand for my audience so I can navigate to my pages or my categories and not get lost in this small yet large thing called internet.

What I really like about my blog is my header. It really shows me and my passion and what I like.

W-wait. What? No, not this one, the OTHER one!
….Steven? The other one!
Steven. STEVEN. The other one.
Are you kidding me? Steven, the other header.
Steven. Your’e my manager. You know my new header right?
….You don’t know? What!? This is unacceptable. Your’e fired.

Oh yeah, sorry I got distracted. What your asking me? Who’s Steven? Well my curious friend, he’s my imaginary manager that will never exist because I don’t have any manager. I wish I did…
Let me get my NEW header before I get distracted again.

[Insert magical spell here]
Ah, better. This is my new header. It really shows my passion and what I like more than the old one. Im really proud of it and I think it attracts more people’s eye because its colorful or someone has the same interest and reads my posts.

The only thing I don’t like about my header is the one teeeeenie tiny I made.
I…. I got the size wrong. It you look at my blog, the header is enormous. I can’t do anything since if I make it smaller it looks weird and if I stretch it out, it will look squashed. And I can draw this again but thats just a waste of my very-useful-but-useless time.

Again, I really think my blog looks awesome and I really like how it turned out, It turned out GREAT. I will add more widgets pages and others to make my blog better.

Anyways see you in the next post and remember always that if the shoe were on the other foot you would walk away awkwardly.