【My favorite tutorial video】

Hey there.
I came across a really interesting video and I thought I might show it to you guys.

Its “Zelda Necklace – DIY Geeky Goodies” By ihascupquake
I really like Zelda and I think this is really cool.

The reason I like this tutorial a lot is because her voice was clear and easy to hear. You can hear her voice well so you can follow her steps easily without any confusion. She also added the final project before you start. This is good because you know what they’re going to make and get a image before you start. What I also liked about this tutorial was  that she edited out parts to look smooth. Her editing was simple but she made it flow very well and it looked professional.

Theres also another DIY video that I really liked:

Its “How-to: Tribal Necklace by Ari of Boat People” By ThreadBanger
I thought this necklace was really awesome.

The reason I liked this DIY video is because the editing looks really good and makes it more interesting to watch and her editing is simple and very surreal. Also there is no voice which makes the tutorial interesting because the song and the visual really matches and makes it like you don’t need a voice to make a tutorial.

I think you should take a look on both video if you like DIY’s or making things. :3

5 thoughts on “【My favorite tutorial video】

  1. Hi Reina! I think this is good tutorial!
    In this two tutorial I learn how to make necklace. This is simple but I think this is original design that point is good.
    In first tutorial is show the step and she speak easy to understand so it is good, and second one also show step so you can get tips.
    I think second tutorial is some of ways boring because music is match to it but she didn’t do fast motion.
    Anyways! this is good tutorial!

  2. Hi Reina!I love this tutorials so much!So here’s what I thought about it
    In this wonderful tutorial I learned to make Tribal necklaces (Ari of the Boat people)I liked this tutorial because it was easy to understand and it was clear(Video was not blurry)I thought the second tutorial was a little fast and should have slowed down,

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