Yamazato no haru- Koto reflection

We’ve been working on a piece called  『山里の春』 (Yamazato no haru) and this is me playing one of the part.

When I played this piece I think I went smoothly. I worked hard on going slow and steady so I won’t make much mistakes. I think I did well at the presses and I managed to let it go after so it won’t make a weird sound. Also I think I did good on the rests and I counted the rests carefully.

I think the grace notes need more work on it so I will work harder on that. I also have work on the accelerando because it wasn’t clear enough. Although I didn’t miss much notes, I missed the rhythm at one part so I will put extra work there.

Anyways thank you for listening.

One thought on “Yamazato no haru- Koto reflection

  1. Nice Job Reina!
    Overall, your performance is good. Please practice with the metronome occasionally. This will help you to keep everything very even. Your presses are good. I know that you are working on Yamazato more and more. It will be a great solo piece for you to have under your belt – one that you can play for anyone and any time. Keep up the good work!

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