How to separate sodium chloride and sand 【Step-by-Step】|Science

Im going to show you how to separate sodium chloride and sand. (o^-‘)b グッ!


100ml beaker

10g of sand
10g of sodium chloride (salt)Bunsen burner
Heating mat
Gauze mat
Glass rod
Retort stand
Filter paper


  1. Pour the mixture (sand and sodium chloride) into a 100ml beaker

  2. Add 50ml of water to your mixture

  3. Heat your mixture

  4. Use the glass rod to mix your mixture and to get the salt dissolved

  5.  Stop heating when the salt is completely dissolved
    (keep the bunsen burner, you will use it later on!)

  6. Get a retort stand, a funnel and a piece of filter paper, a ring and a 300ml beaker.

  7. Set up the filtering system like so:

  8. Place the other beaker it at the bottom

  9. Start pouring the mixture into the filtering paper : little by little
    (TIP: change your filter paper if it becomes soaking wet. Keep the sand though!)

  10. The sand will stay on filter paper while the salt water is now flowing into the other beaker

  11. Place the salt water on a bunsen burner and start heating the salt water

  12. Wait until the water evaporates completely.

  13. and now if you have done it correct, you have only the salt left over in the beaker.

Easy right?

  n /⌒ヽ
 (ヨ(^ω^ ) グッジョブ!
  Y    つ

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