Tout pour la rentrée

The relationship between Julie and Mme Pelletier is mother and daughter because Julie calls Mme Pelletier “maman”.
Julie and Mm Pelletier are in a stationary store to buy school supplies.
Julie needed the calculator for english so its easier to search up words than just a normal dictionary. But Mme Pelletier didn’t buy the calculator because it was 80€ and it was too expensive. When they were choosing Julie’s backpacks, Julie wanted the green backpack but Mme Pelletier didn’t let Julie buy that backpack because it was 33€ and it was too expensive and she suggested another one which was cheaper which was 12€ but Julie didn’t like the color red so she stated she won’t go without a backpack. I think its going to be hard for Julie to go to school without a backpack.

When you ask what someone needs you say “Qu’est-ce qu’il te faut?”
When you say what you need, you say “Il me faut…”
When you get a salesperson’s attention, you say “Pardon, mademoiselle…”
When you ask the price of something you say, “C’est combien?”
When you like something you say “Il est super!” and when you prefer something you say “J’aime mieux…”
When you don’t like something, you say “Ill est horrible!”
Mme Pelletier asks Julie what she needs for school.

Mme Pelletier asks a salesperson if she has any pencil cases.
Mme Pelletier asks the price of a box of colored pencils
Mme Pelletier asks the price of a calculator.
Julie points out a bag she likes.
Julie says she will go to school without a bag.


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