Tsuchi Ningyou

Hello. I played a part of the piece in “Tsuchi Ningyou”

I think I did good on the dynamics and the volume in this performance. I was aware of the¬†decrescendo, crescendo while I was playing it and I think the power really expressed this piece. Another thing I thought I did well was the presses. On the first line I pressed hard as I can so the 13 string and the 14 string sounds the same. I could’ve worked a little more on the beats and rhythms because some parts I rushed and some parts I went very slow. I could fix this by using metronome to help me get the rhythm right and also practice more so I won’t have to slow down to understand the piece. Another thing after looking at this video was I should relax my hands a bit more. I think this would help me play easier and your wrist won’t be tired.

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  1. I think that you are doing very well, Reina. Thank you for posting. You are right about using the metronome. I would set it at a rather slow tempo and play along, checking that all the rhythms and fingerings are correct. After you have the tempo evened out, you could also practice slowly and loudly – this will help to build greater strength in your fingers. It is also important to listen to your sound. Is it clear? or is it a little bit scratchy? This is also easier to do at a slower tempo. After all the details are taken care of, we gradually speed the tempo up. The next step after that will be memorization! Keep up the good work!

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