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Fondée par l’explorateur français Champlain au début du XVIIe siècle.Basse-Ville, avec ses quartiers anciens, forment un ensemble urbain qui est un des meilleurs exemples de ville coloniale fortifiée.

On the number plates, it says ‘je me souviens’ which means I remember in French. This means that they are proud of their culture and their country, no matter who controls their country or a region.

Notre-Dame-de-Québec Basilica-Cathedral

Notre-Dame-de-Québec Basilica-Cathedral was built in 1647, and in 1664 it became the first Roman Catholic parish north of the Spanish colonies. In the building, there’s a resting place of bishops, and the 4 governors of New France


Palace Royale

Place Royale was found by Samuel de Champlain, who is known as the ‘the father of new France’. It was found in 1608. It would be interesting to visit this place because there is a museum called Musée de la place Royale, where you can learn the history of Québec. Also the architecture is the same design as when it was the age of New France.

Séminaire de Québec

Séminaire de Québec was found in 1852, and it is the first French-language university in the Americas. It would be interesting to visit this place because inside the Séminaire de Québec, there is a museum called Musée de l’Amérique francophone, which is the Canada’s oldest museum and the museum is all about the vitality of French-language culture in North America.


Golf is a very popular sport in Québéc and other french speaking countries. Especially Québéc, they have a great courses and lands. The weather is always sunny in summer and people from amateurs to professionals will enjoy swinging their club while enjoying the summer breeze.



Cycling is one of the popular sport. There is a course called ‘route verte’, which is around 5000 km long and you can travel around Québec, while enjoying the view.


Kayaking is a great sport for people who likes rivers and rapids and want to be a bit adventurous. You can enjoy the view, while rafting down the river. You will feel refreshed and rewarding after riding.

Marcher à pied

You can hike and enjoy the view of the nature in Quebec. The trees and leafs colorful in fall, and you can breathe in fresh air when reaching at the destination. If you want to be adventurous, explore Sainte-Anne Falls (higher than niagara falls) and cross across dangerous bridges, go on the thrilling zip line and watch the amazing rainbow thats glistering over the fall.

Cueillette de pommes

Apple picking is one of the fall tradition in Quebec. You can pick the apples surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. The fresh apples are juicy red and also you can enjoy the processed product like apple juice, apple butter and jelly, apple pastries, cider, and ice cider.


Festival international de jazz de Québec

The festival will be held from October 14 to November 2, 2014. This festival is all  about loving jazz music and there will be around 80 shows performances in the auditorium. They will also have bars and restaurants near the festival.


Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec

On Tuesday, September 9, 2014, more than 400 professional bike racers from the world will compete a major race in Québec city.  For the sports fans, this is an event you would not want to miss!

Patinage sur glace

Ice skating is a major sport to play in winter. Go out with your friends, families and someone important to enjoy the winter and the best part of ice skating is; hot chocolate after skating.


Ski et Snowboard

In Quebec, its not surprising to snow over 400 cm each year. Skiing and snowboarding is a best sport to play in Quebec. Mont-Saint-Anne is one of the ski resorts and the longest run goes up to 5,662m. There are 3 mountains and from the top, you can see the St. Lawrence River.

Québec Winter Carnival

It is the world’s largest winter carnival. One of the traditional activities in this carnival is International Snow Sculpture Competition. Every year, people around the world come and compete, who creates the best snow sculpture. Theres also snow bath, where join with Bonhomme, the mascot for this carnival only wearing bath suits and play in the snow.

Hôtel de Glace

Hôtel de Glace is a hotel made only out of snow and ice. The architecture looks fabulous and breathtaking and inside the building, you can explore the wonder of Great Hall, Chapel, ice slide, exhibitions and Ice Bar. You can also enjoy a cocktail served with glass made out of ice.

Vacances de Pâques 2014

Easter is a traditional spring event in Quebec. Easter wouldn’t be easter without chocolates. You might want to stop at a chocolate shop and buy some. Enjoy easter with your families and friends in Quebec.


Cabanes à sucre

Sugar Shacks are where the sap of the maple tree is boiled and made into maple syrup.  Most Sugar Shacks in Quebec are only open during sugaring off season – which is usually in the spring. Enjoy the sweet scent and tasty maple with your friends and families.

All picture is from: http://www.quebecregion.com/en/


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